Armed Forces Independence Payment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IffleyRoad, Feb 6, 2013.

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  2. As usual only part of the story, and only the good bits.

    Only those on AFCS tariffs 1-8 will receive AFIP, those on lower tariffs will not and as a result are very unlikely to have a subsequent application for PIP succeed as they've supposedly already been assessed through the military system.

    AFIP will not apply to all those on War Pensions who will at some stage be re-assessed either by a paper-work sift or being subjected to a Medical Assessment by ATOS Health Care Professionals.

    Certainly not an improvement on DLA, merely a cost saving measure which the MoD had no option but to apply for the appearance of being fair to all those on DLA who will lose their Care and/or mobility supplements.
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  3. And it's not for life.
  4. The link takes you to the response from The Royal British Legion in May 2012 to the limited consultation on the introduction of PIP/Welfare Reform. There is some interesting comments in here, particularly on the Safely, Reliable & repeatedly criteria which was not included in the first drafts of the PIP legislation despite it being flagged as early as May 2012 and was only grudgingly included in the Jan 2013 version after the DWP were grilled by a Parliamentary commission.

    It is also worth noting that whereas the draft legislation for PIP is available on the DWP and Veterans web-sites, there is still no draft of AFIP to be found anywhere, or at least anywhere I can find!

  5. How long is it for then? I was under the impression it was for life?
  6. The legislation doesn't guarantee it for life, which leaves it open to being called in to undergo an assessment.
  7. You should know by now that anything the British government (of any party) introduce is a smoke and mirror con that has been specifically designed to give the lay person the false impression that the veteran community are being well cared for.

    Why are disabled veterans being allowed to be harassed by a micky mouse organisation called ATOS who only get paid when they fail a persons medical assessment, hence the ridiculously high failure rates.

    Another example is the Military covenant thats not worth the paper it is written on.
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