Armed Forces in the Media

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I am a student studying multimedia at college. Part of my studies has been focused on the world’s Armed forces. At this moment in time I am working on a piece of course work that looks onto how the “Armed Forces” are portrayed within the Media. To help me further, it would be of great help if I could get the view from people who are serving. Due to this, I have put my questionnaire below. If you would like to give an answer on this thread, that would be great. Or even in my PM box. On a serious note, please only answer if you have the intentions to help.

1) Where do you reside?

2) How long have you served in the Armed Forces? Or do you know any one who is in the Armed Forces? If so which branch are they in?

3) Which kind of Media are the Armed Forces most portrayed by?

4) Do you think the media backs the Armed Forces or are against them? (Please explain your answer)

5) In the past or recently what newspapers do you think have badly mouthed the Armed Forces and how?

6) In your opinion, would a story sell well if it was negative or positive?

7) Do you think the media only looks for the negative within a story to make them look good? Or for sales?

8 ) What/which stories in your memory, have stood out about the media? (Good and bad, if you can provide a web link or evidence this will help.)

9) Do you think your Government does enough to protect the Armed Forces from the media?

Thank you for taking your time with this survey. If there is anything you think that can help me within my studies on this subject please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you
Actually she is Kosho, I can promise this.

She is a college student. Works in the company I work for and is Cypriot. She is being honest with this stuff.

To clear things up, she is not a journo and does not want to do any harm.

She is actually trying to prove how the media can affect a government with bad press in all aspects.

She asked me for help and seeing as people on the site seem to be willing to help with advice etc I thought this would be a good idea to help her along with her course work. If people are not willing to put an answer on this thread, I am sure she will respect that. She also is ok with people pming her for her email if they feel better doing it that way?
If you read the questions they are pretty straight forward subjective opinion on media representation. Nothing to spin and no persec issues. I would suggest Matelot that the results would make a rather disappointing media story so I suspect she is legitimate.
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