Armed Forces House Ownership Scheme

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hellfyyr, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Sounds a very good idea but the cynic in me wonders whether this offer precedes a large scale sell-off of Married Quarters or is just an attempt to buy off troublesome Armed Forces voters who seem to love Gordon Brown:

    MOD News - AFHOS

    Armed Forces House Ownership Scheme

    Not complicated but in brief up to 75k towards a house (max value 300k) at no charge until you leave the service (simplified a little).

    I also wonder where the money for all this comes from? (hence housing sell-off suspicion)
  2. Sounds good but I suspect this will rule ALOT of people out (me included):

  3. who will become prisoners in the army to pay it off or lose a substantial amount of their pension
  4. Can't be preceding a sell-off of quarters, they were all sold fifteen years ago!
  5. Really that's odd I seem to live in one everywhere I get posted to...
  6. bump...
  7. Should be interesting to see who fits into that criteria.
  8. They purchased a 100 year lease to be exact. I suspect if they could somehow sell those houses to us or even get us out of them to sell them to others they would be super happy. They are not making a lot of cash in rent after all...
  9. We've just had a surveyor check our pad over. He was a bit cagey about what he was doing it for so maybe it is a sell off.
  10. To be exactly wrong more like.

    It's a 999 year lease so I doubt you will be around to see the end of it.
  11. What a bag of spag!