Armed forces Home Ownership scheme

The guy we use to give our customers mortgage and financial advice has recently been sent this file (linky is on Army Net but the file has been sent out to civilian Financial Advisors). File attached

In short, it is a shared ownership scheme aimed at serving, permanent members of the armed forces and will offer government funding of between 15 to 50% (up to £75,000) of the purchase price. It is a limited scheme on a first come forst served basis. We have full details at my office but ArmyNet is probably your best first port of call :)

MODs: I have also posted this on the property forum to make sure as many service personnel are aware of this scheme. It is not an attempt at spam but please feel free to delete on of the posts if you feel the need. OldColt
Is this the one that is only open to those who have served between 4 and 6 years?? If so, its not really much use to anyone!!

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