Armed forces get free education

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. BBC Reporting News of the World

    Armed forces 'get free education'

    Good news or placating the current manning / op tempo issues?
  2. So what does that mean ELCs and SLCs are for?
  3. JS - kinda weakens the value of them I guess.

    I wonder how much drip, drip of Thursday's Command Paper will find its way into the media between now and then?

    Good to see Data Security being taken seriously again!
  4. :) Agreed! :)

    Also what I would like to know will be what this "Education" fund will cover, because how are you supposed to live if it is only covering fees for what could be long term, full time courses?

  5. Correct me if im wrong...

    But its free education after you leave the forces?

    Isnt the idea to try and retain troops, not encourage them to leave!
  6. Another example of the government thinking up short term solutions for long term problems. Gits'!
  7. That was my next thought, if this is really true then it shows a real ignorance as to how to solve this issue.

  8. A better policy, in my humble opinion, would be to give them enhanced training whilst in uniform so that they can further their careers in the armed forces.
  9. Of course when you leave (especially if you are married) putting yourself into a full time course of education is simply an impossibility for most. Perhaps if they backed it up with a bursary it would have been a better gesture.
  10. I think this is just Enhanced Learning Credits, and the Government are spinning the news (as usual) to make themselves sound caring. I may even buy the NoTW tomorrow. Stranger things have happened!
  11. It's open to service personnel after completing 6 years service (LINK). Given that you can discharge as of right after 3 it seems like a reasonable incentive for Junior Ranks to stay in that bit longer - maybe long enough to make a career seem worthwhile?
  12. That was my thinking also SAC. Though im surprised nobody else picked up on this little gem which shows some nice clear thinking (I hope rather than votes in mind).

  13. COUGH almost what I said! SLCs available throughout your time served or ELCs even after you leave which increases after 8 years of service.

    Edited to highlight the point you were making which makes me look like a fool! Not for the first time.
  14. SAC,

    I thought it was a minimum of 4 years now?