Armed Forces Football Tournament

The physical wounds left by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are all too easy to see.
But survivors of war are often left with mental scars as well, whether they are soldiers or civilians, victors or vanquished.
Veteran Gary Cameron, from Seaham, has seen first hand what happens when the fighting stops – but the trauma continues.

i believe servicemen and women who leave the forces and experience psychological problems, that some need specialist help to reintegrate them into society.

Myself and former colleague Richard Williams have set up Military Mental Health Limited, we provide veteran awareness training to Frontline workers.
We deliver to staff in the NHS, councils, and in other public, private and voluntary sector organisations.

" health care and voluntary groups do a fantastic job, but, as a veteran myself, I can see a gap in the kind of support that is being provided,".It is important to develop constructive and supportive relationships with veterans in order to help make them feel valued by society, and veterans' awareness training seeks to fill this gap in knowledge."

we propose to organise a football match between ex forces and serving forces personnel in conjunction with sports north east universities to celebrate those who have and are serving from the north east region.

The Monies raised will go to Combat Stress and a war memorial for the lost soldiers of today respectively.military mental health

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