Armed Forces facing explosion of mental illness.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. This is a massive problem, it is set to increase not just because of the increase of the seurity forces but also the spread of communication technology. We have to either destroy the enemy or obliterate his cake. No arguments on ths one please.
  2. Reminds of this story from the Sunday Times a few weeks back. Now granted it's from McNab, which might put people's backs up a bit, but it's a serious issue about what happens to blokes after they get out.
  3. Are you actually in the Army?
  4. It may interest you to know that the RBL is tackling this problem and that there are projects being set up certainly around South Devon. Agencies are also latching onto this. I know people who are aware of the PTSD and related problems, and the CAB is also taking it on with funding to support these people whom we MUST help.

    CAB and RBL are onto it. Trouble is getting these poor people to accept support, many of you might know rough sleepers that just don't won't access help, for a variety of reasons. I know I do, and I'm a friggin licensed support worker unable to force people to access help.!

    There will be supported living projects sooner than you think, I promise.

    There's no shame in mental health issues, unfortunately this country has a problem with it, but it IS improving.

    I say again, why isn't there a handout scheme for cards with the right information?, surely the funds are there and its not rocket science.

    Ex Army
  5. Good for you, but spare us from "licensed support workers able to force people to access help".
  6. [​IMG]
    High Five Doug xx
  7. "unable to force...." it should read. And actually its beyond satire, agreed?
  8. Why don't you read all the threads on here first, you toilet.

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  9. This site named after you was it fella? And don't bother to reply, sure u have a handbag fight somewhere to get to, while I get on with my job so I won't be checking back.

  10. What does "obliterate his cake" mean?

    Its interesting to note that it mentions that older vets are coming forward as well as guys from the current theatres. Clearly, this raises the spectre that the line taken by the "they were tougher in them days" camp has resulted in suffering in isolation being enforced (by social pressure) rather than voluntary.

    I'd be interested to hear what the epidemiologists make of the numbers coming forward from each cohort. Arguably, previous generations circumstances resulted in them having more maturity due to an earlier involvement in economic activity (i.e. they had to work for themselves and their families to eat.) and other factors such as the work itself being physically harder and the family unit less likely to be broken up (I hesitate to say dysfuntional). Does that actually fit with the accumulated profiles of the guys coming forward.
  11. Discussed the epidemiologist angles with my US friend earlier today. Similar peaks in US VA facilities as well. What is crystal clear, is that Combat Stress are busier now, than ever previously.

    Current difficulties of tracking former service pers' health are producing something of a ticking time bomb, problem is that as per usual the available data is spread through numerous organisations, with no one organisation responsible for collating the numbers. Matching demand to workload will become the key issue for the coming two decades, unless steps are taken soon, in order to accurately address the issue.
  12. Bite me.

    Fella - answer the question. There are a lot of people on here who have had bigger shites.
  13. My twopenneth:

    No I don't engage in abuse, and no I won't be biting you.... Am I to answer your question? What question? Have you ever worked with truly ill people? think it's funny? Clever is not the same as smart and if you must bully people thn don't pick on me, I deal with that behaviour all day long.

    Former HMF people who drink to cope with flashbacks of theatre often cannot work, see their marriage fall apart and end up homeless: it is the flipside to cheering for “our forces” and politicians’ talking about serving their country and protecting freedom. Often, things are worsened by separation from family and children, even being ostracised.

    Housing is getting shorter and RSL housing is geeting more scarce, granted that supported housing is being set up by the appropriate agencies and not before time. The problem is, where do these people go after support? and who will stick with them?

    The mental health problems experienced by military personnel may even be the same as the general population, although experiences during service and (worsened by) the transition to civilian life could mean that their mental ill health issues may be triggered by different factors. PTSD, depression, anxiety and substance abuse seem to affect a significant minority of service personnel and veterans. It's an old chestnut going round and round and I dare to say that unless it's tackled inside the wire it will get out of control.
  14. Might help matters, if the world wasn't so full of condescending twats. These "poor people" as you describe those suffering PTSD, might well not quite see themselves in that way.