Armed forces face Browns fury

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Armed forces face Brown's fury
    Sunday Telegraph
  2. If he won't tolerate honest feedback then he's not fit for any top job.
  3. Blimey!

    Good thing that fat sweaty fcuk didn't read the poll on this site yesterday!!

    If the greedy, sweaty jock w@nker didn't tax us all to hell and back, and then keep our troops in such poor finance, then we might very well be mostly Labour supporters.

    All he has to do is put the money into the system that his party is abusing so badly, and then we won't hate him and his corrupt, dirty, greedy, self serving, traitorous party.
  4. Like so many of these deviants, Brown will not tolerate any form of honesty, full stop.

    I suppose the possibility that they all will be turfed out of their jobs come the next General Elections is the only ray of hope in all this gloom. However, if Brown does start to flex his muscle he's going to find it very difficult to keep to existing commitments - personnel will leave in droves - even faster than they are now. Maybe MoD will raise the recruitment age ceiling to 65. That should set the final seal on Britain's standing in the world.

    Incidentally, it's now rumoured that he's sending his child to a £15,000 pa special school. I don't begrudge the child such a blessing, but I certainly do wonder at Brown's double standards.... Still, little different to the Blairs and so many other NuLab politicos. Snouts, troughs etc. What about such people as Chandler Biddiss and so on?
  5. Sorry, I haven't finished!

    morally corrupt, un-idealistic, un-realistic, over-paid, over-fed, scottish, tight, namby-pamby, American-arse-kissing, disloyal, stupid, ignorant, lazy, good-for-nothing, hypocritical, murdering BBAAASSSSSTAARRRDDDSS.

    That is what consititutes the labour party.