Armed forces display manager

Armed forces display manager,

Is there such a position , A mate of mine was sent the following by one Colin Trevor Dodds MBE , is he for real.

Hi.MBE ?.THAT STANDS FOR 'MEMBER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE'.I am display organiser manager coordinator for all british armed forces Displays combined forces ARMY R.A.F NAVY ROYAL MARINES S.A.S.(HELP'for'HEROES AFGHAN HEROES & Familys) This raises much money for our injured services perosnnel & much needed money for the familys of our fallen heroes their loved ones.We are always on the look out for militaria donations new and old to add to the displays to make them better each time.hence the better the displays the more will want to come and see makeing much more money to help all effected .All money raised from the displays is donated to the causes.we are fully suppoirted by greater machester police fire & rescue services the R.B.Legion local stores companys and basicaly the genral public world wide. Hope i have answered your question to the best of my knowlage..all the best Colin

Or is he another walt
We sometimes can be seen as Spelling and Grammar Nazis, but in my experience as a rule of thumb, poor grammar and spelling=scam.


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Well, all the letters are there, but not in the right order.
Hes a cock. From his facebook info "IM 5FT 4 " looking for friendship dateing who knows come on girls if your slim & petite .". I think hes big timing it to get women. Weve all done that, but if its in the name of 'charidee mate' then he needs publicly pissing on.
He also seems unaware that the SAS is part of the Army and that military abbreviations don't by and large use dots between the letters...
He looks like a real sad wanabee, but claiming to have an MBE is a bit rich,

My name is Genral Winston Kodogo KC M.b.e QVC BBC BBQ and Bar.

I have currrently come intu pozzeshon of US$930000000000000000 dollah! and need to get it outof NIgeria befor it is missed by the prezidentt. So send me yore bank detail and i will endev... endea... do mi best to see that it gets into yr bank @cccount.

I wants it togo to the HELP FOR HEROES and if u help me then it can be safed from the robbing president and we can give it to the brave, boys of the armed.forces. if i send it to you, you can sendit to H.3.H for me and mebbe keap sum 4 yoreself.

This is not a scam and i justs wants 2 helpp the brave boys in ahfgan... aphgha... affhganist... IRAQ.

send me your bank details quick B4 the president him bad fellah nicks th e munny.

Genral Winston Kodogo KC M.b.e QVC BBC BBQ and Bar

PS: Dont tell anyone about dis. Our secret yeah?

Top button done up.
Jacket not tucked in.
Oldest Private in NATO.
Poor saluting hand position.
Not at attention when saluting.
Left hand not in a proper 'girl fist' with thumb down seam.
Saluting with no headdress on.

Don't think I need to mention the 'THEMware' covering his most unlovely features.

Freakish walty cunt.

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