Armed forces display manager,

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Is there such a position , A mate of mine was sent the following by one Colin Trevor Dodds MBE , is he for real.

Hi.MBE ?.THAT STANDS FOR 'MEMBER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE'.I am display organiser manager coordinator for all british armed forces Displays combined forces ARMY R.A.F NAVY ROYAL MARINES S.A.S.(HELP'for'HEROES AFGHAN HEROES & Familys) This raises much money for our injured services perosnnel & much needed money for the familys of our fallen heroes their loved ones.We are always on the look out for militaria donations new and old to add to the displays to make them better each time.hence the better the displays the more will want to come and see makeing much more money to help all effected .All money raised from the displays is donated to the causes.we are fully suppoirted by greater machester police fire & rescue services the R.B.Legion local stores companys and basicaly the genral public world wide. Hope i have answered your question to the best of my knowlage..all the best Colin

Or is he another walt


How is this current affairs, news and analysis? How long have you been on this site tropper?
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