Armed Forces Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Weissbier, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Comment from today's Sunday Telegraph

    [align=justify]There is no group of men and women in Britain today who embody the ideal of public service more completely than members of our Armed Forces. They demonstrate their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country every day they are on active service in war zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Most are not well-rewarded for it. Despite the veneration for "public service" among the British people, servicemen are not properly appreciated. Few people go to the despicable lengths of targeting soldiers in uniform with abuse. The more general reaction is indifference - which is less hurtful but in a way more offensive, because it shows how we take their sacrifices for granted.

    Too often, politicians replicate that attitude by failing to ensure our soldiers have the equipment they need to fight effectively. The need to make the country more aware of the great debt that we all owe members of our Armed Forces is why The Sunday Telegraph enthusiastically supports the campaign for an Armed Forces Day.

    In contrast to Remembrance Sunday, which is primarily about remembering those who have given their lives, this day would celebrate the contribution servicemen continue to make.

    In America, Armed Forces Day involves parades through cities and towns. We need the same approach here, and the primary impetus should come from local communities - not just in garrison towns, where such parades are already common, but in our biggest cities.

    The Armed Forces take pride in what they do and in wearing the uniform that symbolises their commitment. We need to share that pride, and to respect it.

    Let the planning for the first Armed Forces Day begin.[/align]
  2. Can you add a poll?

    I don't agree that we should have an armed forces day.

    Although the sentiment is very nice the British are totally different from the Yanks.

    I'm sure that if there were such events it would invariably mean that it is another parade that soldiers get spammed to attend when they would rather have the day off.
  3. British soldiers dont need to be loved. They need to be shown respect. Unless the loves from a hot blonde then its ok. :wink:
  4. Well the government already introduced Veterans' Day as the 27 June a couple years back so all they'd have to do was make it a public holiday. The main problem with the idea though is that whilst it would certainly be a good idea to have a day to celebrate the forces contribution to society how long would that focus last? After much hoopla in the first year and then some the next couple years after that I could easily see people forgetting what it's all about and just treating it as another bank holiday where they don't have to turn in for work.

    Government and people get to feel all good about not forgetting the forces and acknowledging their contributions etc. in public whilst continuing to do bugger all on vital issues such as funding and housing. But that's probably just the evil cynical bastard in me talking. I'd love to have something similar to the US Veterans Day with the prominent marches and displays but with this current government and the state of things I'm pessimistic.
  5. Trouble being that in America they seem to really get into the spirit of things.

    If we were to do the same it would receive some condemnation from some anti-forces group who would probably like it to the marching Nazi's or communists.

    I know that seems a ridiculous statement, but how often do we seem to be outraged at the ridiculous of late?
  6. I agree entirely, Dingerr, even if it were to be made into a proper Bank Holiday, the great unwashed would just see it as another day to go down the coast or spend in the pubs. The press attention would be no where near as widespread as it is in the States and the publicity it would garner would just be seen by some as show of militarism, especially those of an anti military disposition. IMHO, there is a need for something like this, but in this country, it would be a waste of time due to the lack of interest in the military by most.
  7. A nice bit of spin but surely an increase in the defence budget would be much more appreciated.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I agree with Dingerr
    We have Veterans' day and rememberance day (which IIRC there is a campaign afoot to make that a bank holiday) any more will seem overkill
    Let the returning regiments march through the local towns and let the people cheer and wave flags
    It's good that all these ideas are muted whilst the forces are on a crest of a wave but in years to come it's only a day for the great unwashed to spend in the pub and it wil gradually wane into just another bank holiday

    Leave things as they are we don't need a day to buy a service man or woman a pint - just do it anyhoo
  9. All the marches through local towns have appeared to receive a very positive reception from the local community.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Thats my point Dingerr They have on the whole after a somewhat poor start received a very good reception

    But I think we should leave it at that and our traditional days of Rememberance is enough people like you say will start to use it as a tool to attack the forces in the end

    Where does it stop aswell if you do all
    this for the forces what about a day for police,fire,nurses etc
  11. Totally agree that its a crap idea, it would water-down Remembrance Sunday and add another week or two of arssing about on drill and parades etc in a calender that is already incredibly busy and overstretched for the Armed Forces.

    If you want a good idea for Armed Forces just pay them more, give them better kit and if the nation wants to support us they can come and help us prepare for ECI, LSI, LSTI, and they can nail a few gate guards and orderly Sgt/Offr duties while they are at it...!

    Oh and all you civilian girls, just ditch the prelims and get to main effort when we try to bag you off, now thats support
  12. I'm fed up with people wittering on about "it will end up with a day for the police , fire, nurses etc because they do service as well" type of comments which come up frequently on various threads. The Armed forces are different and are the last line of defence for this country and who fight and die in foreign fields. Police/Fire/Nurses etc are just other but necessary jobs.
  13. Your dead right, lots of hot blonds
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I agree however they will start wittering (I was there you know) on about a day for posties and others aswell given half a chance
  15. Government commitment to the Armed Forces can also be shown in other ways - a good start would be a full-time Secretary of State for Defence