Armed Forces Day

Me too.

As I am ex RAF and have therefore enjoyed some of the worlds best hotels, and their superb wifi, I am the number one target for disgruntled asylum seekers who have been housed in mere four star accommodation.

I live in the Highlands of Scotland and am glad of it. I would last about ten minutes anywhere south of Aviemore.
Literally everyone hates you.
What was the name of that anthrax-tested island in the Hebs somewhere. I'll move there come retirement (17 long years) and anyone who wants to join a quasi-90s garrison run by me as CO can march each other about to their hearts' content.

Area sweeps every Monday morning, Sporties Wed Afternoon, Stables Fri morning followed by COs PT (a slow waddle or drinks in the Mess shrubbery.
What's the Sergeants Mess going to look like? Do you have any room on your manning table for a Yank posting? I
have my own Mess Dress. :?

Detail of Indian War Corporal.jpg
Count me in.

Can I wear clown lightweights and Combat 95 boots, unit tshirt and a ratty old 1980s DPM jacket please?
Absolutely. Pink cords, cravat, blue blazer and Jason King hair helmet for the Mess though.

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