Armed Forces Day

Not sure why I've bunged this in 'old and bold', apart from length of service, if that matters in these days of over commitment, but here goes anyway.

Whatever the politics behind Armed Forces Day, it seems as good a time as any to say thanks to all who have served.

One memory for me in particular, trivial thought it is in light of the much bigger things that have happened, sums up many of the reasons
why we should say thanks.

Thanks to the Siggy - don't know his name - who left his post outside ISAF HQ on the hottest day of the Summer and returned with a bowl of water for the stray, crippled, mangy, flea-riddled dogs who were hiding desperately from the mid day sun.

Thanks too to 42 Commando who I saw do an astonishing job in Afg. Most of them youngsters in their early twenties and on their second

And thanks to the Canadian Van Dooz out of Camp Julienne who were equally as brilliant.

No, I'm not 'tired and emotional'.
Credit where it's due!

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