Armed forces day rumour

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stoatstrangler, May 26, 2009.

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  1. I've heard a rumour, I say again rumour, that the day before Armed forces day (26th June) its wear your uniform to work day again. I've checked the website and checked the Arrse search function but didn't find anything. Thought it could be a good chance to get a bucket and 'persuade' some of the numpties I work with to donate to the ABF. Can anyone confirm/deny this is taking place?
  2. Wear your uniform to work day ?

    Like the cubs used too ?
  3. Join the real army and wear it every f ucking day STAB.
  4. Why would I want to do that when I earn more in civvy street, don't have to get up at sparrow's fart o'clock, I don't have to clean the bogs because its wednesday and the duty screws are bored.

    STAB and proud. :D
  5. If I wear my uniform to work ( where incidently I get paid the same as a staff sergeant ) can I sign in for the day ? :?
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Yep, it is uniform to work day the friday before. My place is already starting to talk about it, they made a big song and dance about it last year.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    It is. ABN 22/09 on armynet refers.

    Your CoC should be looking for returns on who is participating.

  8. Bump as its this Friday!

    So we know its official (thanks msr), but is anyone doing it?
  9. The local authority where I am currently contracting took the trouble to officially run up the AFD flag this morning in the presence of the lord lieutenant for the county (with the only military presence being the cadets, BTW).

    There will apparently be a Dress Down / Up day on Friday to raise funds for the RBL.


    I'll just have to get bulling the boots.

  10. Theres only one way to setle this..........FIGHT!
  11. bone post alert.

    will anyone on here actually wear their uniform to work??? i won't.
  12. What do we wear? No.2s, 5s, 8s or 13s?
    I personally will probably wear Mess Kit - being Cav its bloody smart!
  13. over here the ambassador is having a drinks party, hope there is plenty of Ferro Roche!
  14. Well I for one will be wearing my uniform to work on 26 June, and the 25 and tomorrow and I've got it on today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I take it then there will be hundreds of scruffy walts stacking shelves at Tesco on Friday then!
  15. I received a message from one of our Directors yesterday saying he was wearing his uniform and has encourage every other serving reserve (we have TA and RauxAF at my place). So I'll be taking part. We were extremely well received last year.