Armed Forces Day? Gvmt p*ss take?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DogWank, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Armed Forces Day? P*ss take or good idea?
    i am all for the lads/lasses being appreciated for the sacrifices they make, but what pisses me off is politicians jumping on the bandwagon. if todays papers are to be believed then instead of a day to be enjoyed in whatever way is seen fit by those making the sacrifice, ie a long w/e with loved ones, we have: a day of fun(!) in the barracks, que two weeks graft making the sh*t hole look habitable, followed by blokes trying to look interested. why dont we give the lads what they want, time at home with their loved ones!
  2. And WE have Remembrance Day for what exactly?

    Better pay and conditions for those who need them now!

    Respect from ALL the Civilian Population of the UK!

    Discount from Shops / Bars and Hotels!

    What's the catch?
  3. They should be made the celebrate it in Peterborostan.
  4. Bagsy I take the lead, I'll have........a.... ......Challenger Mk 2 with Hesh!

    The council can then wash away the bad stink!
  5. my point is that people who think they know what we want, DONT! lets have a bank holiday after the army/navy. or at least consult those that you pertain to be making decisions on behalf of.
  6. The money collectors could drive about in Aardvark's
  7. And what would this GREAT venture cost the tax payer, or this another one of Broon and Broons idiotic ideas?

    A Remington pump action opens doors as well!
  8. Here in the USA, they have "Memorial Day". This is in May. It is a separate Public Holiday from that in November, for "veterans". Memorial Day is all about those who are and have served. It is not about the nation's losses.
    There are parades etc here on this May (in the UK it would be called a Bank holiday) to honour those who have served.

    Indeed a few years ago I was asked to take part in a Parade at the Henry Ford Museum complex Michigan (pre 911 even), based on service with a ALLIED power.It is all about The Veterans and is part, I think, of why Veterans are more "respected" by Society, than in the UK.
  9. Indiana Del; a very fair point, there seems to be allot more respect for all those in and ex servicemen in the US of A!

    So why don't our CHAV Barstuards have the same respect?
  10. Sadly, veterans aren't respected by some people in the UK, because most people living here are descendents of the old enemy. And they don't like it up 'em.
  11. Bollox to Armed Forces Day,lets go the whole Socialist/Communist hog and really take the pish.

    Army Day,Navy Day,Air Force Day,TA Day,Police Persons Day,Wetbacks Day,etc.

    If we work at it hard enough,we might end up with more public holidays the Germany! :lol:
  12. Time to honour all our veterans.

    Interesting sig! :wink:
  13. Got it in one, very humbling!
  14. It's an uninspiring name is half the problem: "Armed Forces Day" is a technocratic mouthful. Remembrance Sunday has an elegance to it that isn't captured by this name that sounds like it was dreamt up by an uninspired bureaucrat.

    We don't need to create a new "Armed Forces Day", as there are plenty of existing days which could be used if someone in government had the imagination to actually translate this from a piece of paper into a workable policy.

    What's more they can satisfy both the patriotic and the politically correct: use the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo for the Army; It was a the employment of a multinational, multicultural multiethnic force, and it beat the French. Everybody's a winner.

    The Navy can expand Trafalgar day: once again the French were beaten, but the PC lot can be satisfied that the force was led by a half-blind man with one arm.

    No idea for the RAF - not my bit of history.
  15. Don't think they merit discussion in terms of history yet....

    I'll get my coat.