Armed Forces Day - Free carvery meal for heroes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shortarms, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. Flip me, None in Northern Ireland....
  2. HHH

    HHH LE

    Sure, that's because we're all, lean, mean, fighting machines, over here!!!
  3. Great idea, I am polishing my veterans badge this very day. Pity Crown Carveries chose, for the graphic on their coupon, a picture of what appears to be an unshaven Yank saluting, rather than a British soldier, sailor or airman (or woman). Brilliant gesture and support for the armed forces though, well done them; will others follow suit, I wonder?
  4. Yes - on friday this week anyone who has served in any conflict since agincourt, their spouses, family and facebook friends will get a free trip (return) on the gosport ferry. Just tell them jeromesausage sent you and you even get a cup mof tea at the captains table.
  5. Gosport Ferry, that's a memory jerker. Regular crossing from St. George's Barracks (formerly a concrete ship) on the G-port side to Pompy in the Summer of 1961. No need to encourage anyone to support the forces then. Thumbing a lift in uniform could get you anywhere in the country on a long weekend, free show tickets from the Toc-H kiosk in London and reduced fares on public transport etc, etc. Of course there were no Crown Carveries then only greasy spoon transport cafes.
  6. I'll be there.

  7. Better be early if that fat fcuk is on his way!
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  8. armed forces weekend is almost upon us again - so i ask you, what are your plans for the weekend?

    or should i rephrase that and ask what plans has your unit / regiment got planned for you?...

    as for me parading through the local inbred wiltshire village we are based near! much for a celebration of armed forces if we have to work through it instead of enjoying it with free entrance to alton towers!...

  9. well they trust me to check tickets and throw dangly rope over a big bollardy thing at both sides of crossing so if your ever there, tip me the nod and have a crossing on me. one of my muckers will probably blow you in the passengers bogs however he says thats just a malicsous rumour and nothing was ever proven.
  10. I suppose you could buy a veterans badge from ebay, but saying that, it's only £3.69 for a carvery anyway, so would probably cost more for the badge.
    We've got 2 near us and too be honest, the food's not bad for the price. Chef once said it costs them £2 to buy each meal in.

    Anyone know of any vouchers for fre blowjobs off local hookers for veterans? Sling them up here you do please!
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