Armed Forces Day, Aberdeen

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by 2/51, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Big fan of this in Castlegate;
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  2. Is this new? Haven't been in Aberdeen for almost 2 years now and still missing it (yes really)!
  3. Went up late last October. Caught me by surprise. Very impressive piece of work, and the kneeling chap is holding an SLR.
  4. I like it very much, but you just know that at 2 or 3am every friday/saturday/wednesday you are going to have idiot students clambering all over that!

    Reckon it would be a great sight first thing in the morning at 5.30am when you trip out of G Casino and see it backlit by the sunrise!
  5. With the Sally Army Citadel and a cooncil tower-block as a backdrop?
  6. Aye but trust me you don't notice those when you're hammered/partially blinded by the sun coming through the gap in the buildings! Have a picture somewhere.
  7. Sun? Aberdeen? Shom mishtake, Shirley?
  8. No one in NI believes me, least of all my parents (it pished every time they visited) but compared to NI, Aberdeen is a hell of a lot drier and a hell of a lot sunnier. I don't think I ever wore my coat when I was there!

    Sunniest city in the UK allegedly! (Not the warmest though)
  9. Nope..can't agree with you there..its been raining 40 days and 40 nights!!! We had a brief restbite for the parade, and then it rained again.

    The site of the RSM standing at the Holburn Junction, arms aloft, parting the rainclouds and ordering the sky fairy to lay off with the rain for an hour was a sight to behold!

    As for the statue, yep..its a cracker, but it does seem to be located in a rather strange place and at a strange angle.
  10. Well its nae i'day!
  11. 36969_453095305774_3173945_n.jpg

    Your "rain" is like a fine mist to us! :p

    And a few days before just strolling around campus and these guys randomly appear - I can't remember why, it's 4scots though early summer 2010- freedom of Old Aberdeen?

    See, dry in both photos! :)

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  12. Maybe I missed him - but no Peter Dow???
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  13. Castlegate is affa bonny fan it’s nae filled with jakey’s....
  14. Can't deny it.

    Mainly cos I can't understand a word of it! :)

    Kidding - I do enjoy getting in from the rig and nipping in to Herbert Love's for a pouch of Black Cherry and spending a quiet half-hour sat sheltering from the rain watching the traffic on Union St.
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