Armed Forces Council Tax Rebate!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. From the BBC:

    Armed forces personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are to get a council tax rebate under new plans unveiled by the government.

    The measure will be worth £140 to every soldier who pays the tax on a UK property and is serving a six-month tour of duty.

    It comes after sustained criticism from the head of the Army over the treatment of soldiers.

    The Ministry of Defence will pay for the tax relief out of its budget.

    About 13,000 soldiers will benefit from the tax rebate, which amounts to 25% of the average Band D council tax bill.

    'Commitment to families'

    The soldiers will receive the rebate via their tax-free Operational Allowance paid at the end of an operational tour, with the first payments to be made from 1 April, 2008.

    Defence Secretary Des Browne said: "It underlines the government's commitment to support our Armed Forces and their families.

    "We intend to extend this payment to all those deployed overseas on operations next year."

    The tax-free Operational Allowance is worth £2,320 over a six month tour of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan.


    The council tax payment has already been dismissed as spin by the Conservatives, who point out that there is no new money.

    They also say it discriminates between personnel on different operations.

    But the move will be warmly welcomed by some critics who have attacked what they say is the inadequate treatment afforded to soldiers sent to the frontline.

    Poor accommodation has been one area of strong criticism, as has patchy healthcare provision for wounded returning soldiers.

    Last week the head of the Army, Gen Sir Richard Dannatt, said Britain should consider the parades that many American soldiers are met with when they arrive home.

    Seemingly good news, and it will no doubt benefit some, but my concern is that it's yet another thing that's coming out of the defence budget, which will result in further impacts reference the amount of and quality of kit... :roll:

  2. Always welcome to see more money going to the troops.Shame its taken 5 years to get that tiny ammount out of the bean counters though.Im just wondering what sort of renumeration is given to american forces.When i was in i heard they were on a tax free mint.Ant septics about?
  3. What about those who go on an Operational Tour of the Falklands who own their own property?
  4. The last time anyone did an Operational Tour of the Falklands the Tories were in power and we were paying Rates instead of Council Tax.
  5. Sorry,

    You are wrong there.

    It is still classed as an Op Tour. I had it from the COS himself.
  6. What does it matter if the tour is operational or not? I think it is still classed as an op, but so what?

    Why should a soldier who is ordered out of the country continue to pay council tax while abroad, yet a criminal who is in gaol and using far more resources is exempt?
  7. I welcome the move but some initial knee jerk thoughts (if you can have a knee jerk thought),

    "The measure will be worth £140 to every soldier who pays the tax on a UK[/b] property and is serving a six-month tour of duty."

    So who gets it? owner occupiers in the UK? what about those in quarters and hirings, both UK based and in Germany etc?

    Beware there politicians bearing gifts, there may be an election on the way, think about the bigger picture what has this government done for you over the past 10 years, what may it do for you in the next five, can you trust it? has it earned your trust in all aspects of its conduct towards you, if so take the £140,but think first make up your mind.

    Personaly I would not be bought off by £140 from people I do not trust.
  8. We pay Ciloct of £1147 a year for our "hiring" in the Netherlands, not even MOD property. We also pay £1370 a year for our house in the UK, which we are currently not living in, so £140 max council tax rebate is an insult. I would rather see ciloct binned alltogether until the Mod/Government can prove where this money goes.
  9. In a similar position to yourself I agree why CILCOT when abroad in hirings/quarters, does the MOD pay a contribution to the local authority that people reside in? If so is it representative of the costs incurred by a family in the location.
  10. More money in Tommy Atkins pocket is always welcome but this 'rebate' is being paid for by the MoD, not the Centre. So Peter is being robbed to pay Paul... How nice it would have been to have seen the Government rewarding those that do its dirty work and giving them more money to buy the kit that they need...

    Cynical politics.
  11. £140.

    From the defence budget anyway.

    So its £140 x however many are eligible in the armed forces removed from the pot that was disturbingly sparse in the first place.

    Thanks a fecking lot Gordo, thats bought my vote that has.

    Conviction Politician my hairy hoop.
  12. I have such a bee in my bonnet this morning, does anyone have the definitive answer to what CILOCT pays for, i found it a few weeks back on the old tinternet but for the life of me (now i want it) cant find it. I am interested in the police side of the in lieu charge as the MP's here refuse to attend any sfa breakin's and problems.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It's simply a waste in my view. The Armed Forces need increased funding from the Treasury, not miserly bribes from elsewhere in the defence budget.
  14. £140 - don't spend it all at once. When pay award, kit budget or quarter improvements are cut to pay for it- you may need the money to plug the gap!
  15. They seem to be deliberately taking the p*ss.