Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

According to this media reports an increase in claims are being rejected ? more claims so more rejections ?

Ministers have been urged to take action to ensure Armed Forces personnel are fairly treated when injured in the line of duty after the rate of rejected compensation claims hit a record level.

Almost £100million was paid out under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme last year.

But more than four in 10 (41 per cent) of the almost 6,000 claims made by former and serving personnel were rejected. This is the highest rate since the scheme was set up in 2005.

Media report

Quite a few of the claims are, frankly, optimistic, such as chaps in their 70s claiming against deafness and other conditions common when you get older.* Others get rejected when they certainly seem legitimate on the surface.

It helps to know what the claims are, because it isn't quite as cut-and-dried as it might first appear from that report. Of course, being a report from the Daily Mail, this might be expected.

*Plenty of deafness claims to younger men are paid out, of course. The military do tend to work around loud noises.