Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

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I have been recently diagnosed with Compartment Syndrome in my calf muscles. I have been told this was something I was born with and it should have been picked up at my selection process and I should have never of got into the Army in the first place. I have been told there is nothing that can be done for me, and I have found this to have caused me a lot of pain in the past when I was MFD due to being pushed harder on runs etc as you expect. I am now MND and looking at potentially being discharged.

My question is am I entitled to the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme? I want to claim on the grounds that this has caused me a career fail, put me back in my life, it's causing me pain which I never had before I joined up and negligence - I was forced onto exercise and missed my physio a couple of times putting me back 3 months in my program for a potentially unlikely fix. Will I be entitled for money?

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