Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. has anyone out there had any dealings with the AFCS as yet????

    does anyone know how quickly they act, are the awards given fair in relation to the injury or is it just a way out of paying war pensions?????

    applied for mine in november but as yet have heard nothing back.

    cheers for any information.

    all the best.
  2. I once knew a fella that had some dealing with them. He had quite a serious back injury and went through the AFCS process.

    After an intensive search of his medical history, (I believe this may have included doctors interviews) that took around 8-9 months, the money was paid out to him.

    I didn't see any though!
  3. Knocker, I got operated on 13 months ago, sent details to SPVA in January, they investigated and then paid out in March/April time. The researcher was based in the UK, the initial injury was in Cyprus, later related injuries were in BFG (all within the 7 months prior to the surgery). They had to check accident books in two different theatres.

    After I applied I got an immediate written response, a follow up letter about Feb time then the award as above.

    The amount was very fair but there was a caveat that the amount was a final settlement based on future disability, or words to that effect.

    Be patient, good luck and have you had any correspondence back from SPVA?
  4. Knocker,

    You should have had an acknowledgement from SPVA by now. Did you send any other documentation with the claim form?
    I posted my claim (with certificate of service and other paperwork) in early Dec and received the certificate and paperwork back within a week. At the end of Dec I received a letter stating my claim was being looked at by the War pensions Dept and the AFCS Dept.

    You need to contact the SPVA to find out what has happened to your claim form.

    Good luck.

  5. my injury is also a back (discs) injury stinkerson, sorry he never bought you a pint.

    i knew that the ammount you get is a one off payment i was just wondering if they di take into account that the injury may deteriorate in the future and up the payment accordingly to cover any future downward spiral.

    cheers chaps.
  6. Knocker,

    As I understand it (from talking to others who have gone through the process recently), £5,500 seems to be the sum that many are getting (for a number of different types of injury).
    If the injury is still giving you trouble, there should be a provision for free prescriptions (for treatment of the injury claimed) and a caveat that you should be able to claim again if there is deterioration (as Bluntslane mentioned).
  7. £5500 does not seem like a great deal baring in mind some of the injuries may prevent some personnel carrying out the most simple of tasks and that there is no way of claiming against it after the payout has been made.
  8. Knocker,

    The £5,500 was for injuries such as a broken thumb and damaged shoulder (which have not hindered the individuals a great deal) , and allowed for claims to be made in the future.
    I do not doubt that more severe injuries will attract a higher payment.
    The Royal British Legion will assist individuals with their claims if asked.

  9. shiny not having a pop at you mate, no trouble only came out for a quiet drink.

    agreed tht yes a break does not lead to a lessened chance of employment but as you said the more severe the injury the higher the payment but i doubt it, save that for a raf doris with rsi.
  10. Knocker,

    Apologies if I generalise things you already may know but when they give you the AFCS award they take into account the entire injury(s) and its ramifications in the future so you cant reclaim in years to come if it deteriorates. Hence why they have the guranteed income payment for the injuries above tariff 11. Theres a pdf doc on their website that shows a table of what your entilted to once you've been discharged, from what i could make out its mainly free prescriptions, priority treatment and such that are related to your injury.

    You can ask for a reconsideration of your claim within 3 months of the notification no matter if they have given you the money or not. I found it worth doing as its highly unlikely they'll reduce the award and getting another person to look at your med docs can get them to recognise something else.

    I personnally found it bureacratic nonsense having to pigeon hole injuries into a tariff box and absurd when it comes to multiple injury but in the end its better than nothing.
  11. cheers Auchinleck.

    i agree regarding the place all injuries into a convient box, does not take into account what you can do in civ div in relation to what you have done during your service, for me personally i am a sparky but the days of crawling about in lofts/working up ladders/etc are long gone for me now thanks to injuries sustained in the last 23+ years.

    i will have a look for that pdf, cheers again.

    AFCS pdf
  12. Took me nearly a year to get my War pension,They explore every avenue and check all doctors notes etc and even send a doctor round to see you,but it will get back dated to the day you first applied !
  13. my war pension claim goes to SPVA next month N_B
  14. I applied for both AFCS and a war pension for different things, AFCS said no but added that those injuries were to be automatically added to my War Pension claim. Which I got after a med board, took 9 months from application to award. Its back dated to the day you applied. Which was obviously good for me, 9 months at £31 a week, and of course it goes up every year. I get mine paid every 13 weeks.
  15. You should get a nice little lump some up front then the payments will start !