Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Review

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by defenceheadquarters, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. Do injured Service personnel get paid the right compensation? Official Independent Review seeks your views.

    Members of the public and Service personnel can now submit their views on how the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme should compensate for injury, illness or death caused by service.

    The views will be taken into account as part of a widespread and thorough review into the scheme, which is being chaired by former Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral The Lord Boyce.

    This was posted by the Ministry of Defence. More information here.
  2. NO, why did the people injured in Northern Ireland and the Falklands get shafted over the PTSD claims

    Or is this a Wah, FFS The MOD on Arrse?
  3. You really have to ask, when an upset rug muncher gets over £100k for being upset and civvies get more for having their Human Rights infringed and a squaddie who loses limbs/sanity for serving their country gets a pittance in return then NO.
  4. This,it would seem is not a Wah, The MOD realy want to hear what we have to say,So lets have a sensably debate and get our points and feelings across
  5. For those of you that are interested (and that should be anyone who has , is or is about to serve where hot jaggy bits of metal fly about) here is an extract on what the review will report on.

    My view (synical one) is that the AFCS 05 was written well in advance of it's implementation in parliament (or what not). The government did not anticipate the level of casualties that we are experiencing from the conflicts in the middle east and are now looking at how they can reduce the financial burden on the tax payer. Comments about 'upset rug munchers' aside (agree with the sentiment) aren't really pertinent as said 'rug muncher' was not compensated from AFCS05.

    Those who take the greatest risks and make the greatest sacrifices (in terms of injury) should recieve the most money/ care. Those families who lose everything should never want again. Simplistic but not that unrealistic.
  6. When has the MOD compensation ever been fare, if we were civilians we would all be very well off, but we just get a war pension and a life time supply of Paroxotine,The Veterans agency are pretty rubbish and the whole system stinks, why should an ex serviceman have to proove any thing when it is all on record, and to say that a war pension makes up for not getting compensation is an insult to every soldier who has ever been wounded, If the thieving shite who frequent the houses of Parliment can milk the system as they do, where is the justice for ex-service men who put their lives on the line following the orders of these gutless Cnuts
  7. I cant comment on the war pension as i am on AFCS therefore when i leave will get a GIP, i do think it's unfair that Soldiers injuried before Aug 05 are stuck on the old scheme,ie (war pension). The GIP is far better , it works out depending on your level of injury, your salary and your age then you get a tax free monthly income for life.

    As a case example:

    Soldier A loses a leg due to operational reasons:
    This comes in at tariff level 5, so thats £115,00 paid out tax free straight away.

    Soldier A is a Sgt and is aged 36 and taking home 35k a year therefore if he was to leave he would also get:

    Salary x GIP factor, ie £35,000 x 0.799 = £27,965
    As the injury is in tariff level 5 he will receive 75% of the full GIP ie £20,973 per year. This is tax free
  8. I think this is important so Bump
  9. This time it is for PE four
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  11. We'd just like to make clear when we say this is an 'independent review' that this is an independently chaired, MOD review.

    (And 'bump')
  12. I know this has been covered before, on a different thread, but why should a clerk receive 400K+ for RSI and a serviceperson 115K for a lost limb?

    Puts it into perspective does it not?
  13. Yes but we have not had HH MOD on the threads before, so some one just might hear what we are ranting this time
  14. They want proper responses - not just rants - hence the link and not an invite to vent spleens. Tropper - you don't speak for the serving man - let either the Mods / management highlight it or let the 'natural selection' here do the business. I certainly don't need you telling me what I should read.