Armed Forces Compensation Scheme - MoD spin

I am completely fed up with the second-rate spin put out by the MoD to avoid the fact that civil servants receiving substantial payouts are in fact getting a better deal than wounded soldiers. The back-strain case has been covered elsewhere, but there is a recurrent theme.

Quote from the MoD printed in the Telegraph:

An MoD spokesman confirmed the amounts and details of the awards were correct.

However, she said injured servicemen received not only a lump-sum compensation award but also a "guaranteed tax-free, index-linked" annual income for life.
This implies that the poor civil servant receives no such tax-free index-linked annual income for life. Not true. In this case, the back-strain person is probably not compelled to retire through ill-health attributable to the injury. However, if he did end up unable to work, then a guaranteed minimum income would be provided, up to 85% of the pension depending on the degree of incapacity.

Injury at work
If you retire as a result of an injury sustained, or a disease
contracted, in the course of official duty, additional benefits
may be payable under the Civil Service Injury Benefit Scheme.
You should contact your employer for further information.

If a member qualifies for injury benefit, it is paid as an allowance to bring income up to a guaranteed level. The level is determined according to the assessed impairment category (including apportionment) and reckonable service.

If the member is on sick leave with loss of pay, he or she is guaranteed 85% of pensionable pay.

The injury benefit is paid as a top-up payment to bring income up to this level. Before deciding the top-up level, income from other specified sources is taken into account.
Now, we all know why , by comparison, Armed Forces personnel receive such a pittance in terms of compensation. It is because the MoD can impose the terms and conditions of service without consultation. It is also probably too expensive for the threadbare defence budget to sustain an acceptable level of compensation, given the fact that the Armed Forces are routinely in harm's way in a manner that the Civil Service is not, particularly over the last few years.

Let's challenge the spin. This is not a fair deal and the spin about a "guaranteed income" that, by implication, is not part of the deal that others get is simply misleading.
Totally agree, forces personnel get shafted.

The unions for years have fought to get such conditions for their members (the civil servants), the forces have nobody with the same clout fighting their case especially against a government like this one, also you cant strike.

MOD spin everything , they are this governments bitches and they say what there told and thats it, they are not a credible source for anything.

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