Armed Forces Bill

I've not seen it covered elsewhere, but an amendment (No 14) was proposed to the Armed Forces Bill in Parliament a couple of days ago (detail at
House of Commons Hansard Debates for 14 Jun 2011 (pt 0002)).

Main change of interest to this forum is the proposal that Reserves can be called up far more readily for "work of national importance", as opposed to purely war-like operations or Defence of the Realm. Specific examples quoted were the Cumbrian floods and the forthcoming Olympics. This is being touted as an enabler to the Future Reserves 2020, allowing Defence to make better use of the skills & local knowledge of those in the reserves.

Interesting to see how this pans out in the future.
Very interesting ... but quite a limited change. Looks like the bar is being lowered to mobilising the TA for operations in the UK, but not changing any of the details. I wonder how it will get used in reality, it could cut both ways.
Right lads, start practicing: Hello, hello, hello and whats going on here then.
"Armed Forces Bill" is the name of a new cartoon character I'm trying to sell to the people at Soldier Magazine.

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