Armed Forces Benefits Calculator

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Burnaston, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. I picked up a card in Camp yesterday on the Armed Forces Benefits Calculator and have just tried it. It works out what the value of your benefits are and also, an estimate of my pension, which I never knew before - so quite useful. Anyone serving might want to take a look:
  2. Just had a go, very good thank thank you
  3. Apparently, I'm actually worth over 69k a year! :eek:

    If I promise never to use the Medcentre and my box room in the Mess again, can I just have the difference in my pay packet instead! :D
  4. I can't get the drop down menus to drop so can't progress, any clues?
  5. Are you using IE?
  6. Firefox.

    IE works a treat, quite impressed with the site although it's a disgrace I'm only worth that much, penny pinching Govt :wink:

  7. The benefits calculator is very misleading - who pays that much for health care? The NHS is free!

    And as for the educational benefits, they say you get £2k per year in Enhanced Learning Credits, but this is for a maximum of 3 years, you can't claim them every year! Very misleading!

    I like the idea of a benefits calculator, but only if it is realistic.