Armed Forces (and Reserve Forces) Compensation Scheme AFCS

I am still serving but I have a secondary duty as part of the Pensions Appeals Tribunal and we were recently discussing the low rate of claims under the new AFCS.

It has been noted that only 235 in-service claims were made in the first year of the new AFCS (Apr 2005-Mar 2006) when it had been expected there might be over 2000 !

Clearly it is possible that the low level of claims is because many fewer people than expected are being injured on duty. However, given that an example of a lower level (Tariff level 15, table 8) injury is " Fracture or dislocation of index finger of one hand from which the claimant is expected to make substantial recovery within 13 weeks" this would seem to be something which could happen more often....

However it is also possible that people are not claiming under the new scheme because they are unaware of it, they are discouraged from claiming by CoC or by the "no claim" culture in the MOD (discuss), they are being poorly advised, or for other reasons.

I'd be grateful if anyone has any thoughts on why take up has been so low.

Given that a Level 15 Tariff award for a recognised injury should result in over £1000 compensation award there is lots of money at stake here. MOD has agreed to pay 2% of Armed Forces Pay Bill to Treasury to cover AFCS costs (source: MOD) hence we have already paid for this scheme but soldiers (sailors, airman) are simply not claiming up to anywhere near this amount which is odd.

I have my own views but I'd like to hear yours
I have to say that I was not aware of the scope of injuries covered, nor the level of compensation avail and I am well and truely in the chain of command. Email being dispatched to my troops to remind them of this and to submit claims for a number of soldiers who have broken legs etc during the past 2 years whilst I have been in command.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

PS. It would help if JSP 765 was actually avail on the intranet - this would make it slightly easier to find the relevant info...
Thanks for posting specky and I agree with Hobgoblin. Something should be posted on all routine orders in plain (squaddie) English. I wasn't aware of an in service compensation scheme.
Hobgoblin said:
It would help if JSP 765 was actually avail on the intranet - this would make it slightly easier to find the relevant info...
LINK courtesy of BAFF (British Armed Forces Federation) - and MOD!

The link is to a copy of JSP 765 in pdf format.

But the covering page on the public Defence Internet was offline when checked a minute ago. Try THIS LINK later.

I may recall incorrectly, but wasn't a pamphlet sent out to all serving soldiers at the time that the rules changed, I certainly received one (by name)?

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I only heard and recieved information on this scheme once I had injured myself.

On arrival at Headley court for rehab it was the first thing given to me by the staff to fill out.

Well worth the 20 mins to fill out the paperwork. Anyone i know who gets injured in the line of work gets chapter and verse from myself on how to claim.

Info available on the veterans site.

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