Armed forces and Global Warming

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Interesting article:

    "There are two ways in which the UK's armed forces will have to respond to challenges presented by climate change.

    First is disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. In principle, civil organisations could play a bigger role in disaster relief. Sadly, so far none has been willing to stump up the very large amounts of cash required to gain the military's ability to provide rapid response, or operate in very difficult terrain.

    The second and more difficult task that the armed forces may face is the potentially huge security challenge created by climate change. No one knows how this will manifest itself. As more and more people in Bangladesh seek sanctuary from rising sea levels, will the tensions created lead to a collapse of the state and war with India? Will poverty caused by growing water shortages in North Africa boost support for international terrorism? Will floods and environmental degradation in China lead to economic collapse and a rise in nationalism?"
  2. I agree with this and that is why we have been running down the armed forces for so long! A barometer of trouble ahead is when we run down the forces.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I heard that the EU is reducing the amount of allowable carbon emissions from vehicles to less than 200mg per K in an effort to slow down global warming. I hope the UK forces are going to take this on board and as a gesture of intent, do the following:

    Stop throwing hot bombs and lead around.
    Stop flying those nasty, polluting aircraft
    Get rid of those really big nuclear bangs
    Make the Challenger et al. hybrid, or better still hydrogen powered (after removing those gun thingies).
    Turn of the heating in barracks - oh, they've done that already.
  4. How does possession of nuclear weapons contribute towards global warming?
  5. i remember reading in the paper some time ago they (MOD) were looking at using all the left over chip fat from the cookhouse to bulk up fuel for rover etc. seems like a good idea. but i wonder how it would actually work efficiently!
  6. Could be the methane from everyone sh*tting themselves?
  7. For the disaster relief angle, here's something I wrote in the conscription thread last week. It was ignored of course, but I'm a pig-headed old bsatard who doesn't have the sense to give up:

    What does need looking at are the thousands of fit young men currently occupying much needed prison space and badly requiring a complete change of lifestyle. The climate's****ed, and we'll be seeing more and more natural disasters all over the world - get these lads in uniform and formed into penal battalions of Royal Engineers or Royal Pioneer Corps. They can be sent as part of aid packages under regular NCOs and ofiicers, who should view it as a career booster. Prove yourself there and you are the right stuff.

    From the soon to be ex-toerags point of view, you get the short sharp shock treatment the politicos always bang on about in training. Then you get to learn some useful skills and put them to the test in places that may be sh|t enough to remove chips from shoulders about some crap inner city estate they grew up in. Always perks one up to see other people have it much worse than you ever did.

    They should be paid 90% of the regular wages, but as they'll spend almost all their time in areas of quite severe misery they won't need it. So they get 10% for fags and beers, whatever is required to support dependents is sent to them, and the rest is held in a savings account to be paid out when their sentence is up. Then they have a lump sum, but it's up to the probation service to spend it for them. Been trained in plumbing? Then here's a van, a bag of tools, a years advertising up front in the local rag and a flat with the deposit and first 3 months rent paid up. Good luck.

    The criminals would of course have to volunteer for this service as opposed to jail. Stop 'em whinging
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Setting them off does, but of course, depending on how many you set off, they can greatly reduce global warming.

    Jollity aside, at current funding levels, when global warming really gets going, British forces are going to have somewhere between fcuk and all impact on te ensuing battles for land and resources.

    I would estimate that the number of conflicts around the world are going to greatly increase. How much of that is our little underfunded army going to deal with?

    In terms of assisting with migration and keeping the peace, that is the purpose of te UN and its security council, not British armed forces alone, or even with US involvment.
  9. Your plan just fell apart at the highlights - other than that and the fact that the Chunkies have been assimilated not a bad idea. Obviously the authority to shoot dissenters immediately a necessity.
  10. The best we could do for global warming is to stop helping the septics use all the f&cking oil.....

    Rant aside - The patterns of change presented by global warming are likely to happen over decades, rather than years/months (like Hitler) so long as we have a reasonably resources and flexible military, we will be ok - more importantly though is the need to have political masters who can use that resource wisely.

    Helping the Indian sub-continent (or wherever) avoiding a natural disaster is a fine sentiment, if we havent already p*ssed everyone off by climbing into bed with the yanks and whatever neo-con road-trip the US administration happens to be on..

  11. RLC then, or whatever the new-fangled name is for them.

    For the highlights, the lads will have 10% of a regular's wage for spends - more than they get in prison. They're there for punishment and rehab - why should they get to spend the other 90% themselves? It should be an investment in THEM. That's what rehabilitation is about.
  12. Couple of minor points

    Most of us do not want that scum in the same Army

    Conscription only worked because a couple of Cpls took the trouble makers round the back of the Guard Room and gave them a kicking to keep them in line (so my dad tells me) the PC brigade will not go for that anymore.
  13. Blues_Cav - That's why they will be formed into their own units, with regular officers and SNCOs (and at least to begin with JNCOs). Nice posting, if you prove yourself there you're going to come out of it looking good. And anyway, you already have a portion of that scum in the same army - we just chose to keep it under our hats.
  14. I understand that there is research into Hybrid FVs. Though this is as much to do with reduced siganture (noise, heat etc) as to do with fuel efficiency, I think.

    There is some interesting reading on the subject of military energy use here and here.
  15. I can just see that one,

    “Come in Mr K******, time for your next posting, we are sending you as the discipline Warrant Officer for the 1st battalion The Scum”

    “Not in this life time Sir” Salute, right turn, march out!