Armed Forced Pay Review Board 2009?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bombdoctor, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Is it just me or are they stalling with this one? Was this not meant to be out by now. It would be interesting to see if the promises about pay relevant to the increased commitments etc etc come off.
  2. I like the typo in the heading...

    Forced Pay Review...

    I thought it would have been published by now but the Government is obviously too busy saving the rest of the world from depression and gloom.

  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

  4. The results are no normally released until the end of the month. I don't foresee a big rise in pay, just an increase in charges.

    Let's face it, with current inflation levels we will be lucky to get more than 2%. I would happily settle for a slightly smaller pay rise on the proviso that when on tour you actually get the tax back that you pay. I pay £531.80 income tax in a 31 day (slightly less than other Staffies but I do the salary sacrifice child care vouchers which get taken out before tax). Over the 6 months of a tour I pay somewhere in the region of £3200 in income tax. The operational allowance is just over £2000. Can you spot the difference between the two figures?
  5. I would consider it extremely fortunate if the AF were to be awarded anything at all, let alone 2%, in the current climate. The private sector is currently taking considerable pain through job losses and pay cuts, making it extremely difficult to make any kind of case (notwithstanding the considerable workload imposed on the AF by current operational commitments) for a pay rise in the public sector this year.

    I stand ready to be corrected.
  6. I'd be surprised if we get anything above 2%. It could be a lot worse though-I know that my oppo from school who is in the Irish PDF has had to put up with the fact he's having a 7% pay cut this year...
  7. AFPRB 2008 was announced on 7 February. AFPRB 2007 was also announced in February. I would not be surprised if this year's printed report is also dated February when it does appear.

    PS - AFPRB 2005 came out on 22 Feb.
  8. They will try and sneak it in when they release some good news hoping that we will not notice it. I hope somebody has first paraded the bus as I'm sure it's going to be needed.
  9. Whilst I agree with your sentiment, how about the weekly passing of the hearse through Wooton Bassett? With the amount of media coverage and fatalities/VSI returning from theatre(s), it would be relatively easy to sell to Joe Public that the AF deserve a reasonable pay rise IMHO. :)

  10. Can you expect anything else from the bunch of cnuts running this country. Here have this big chunk of money!....and we will just take a bigger chunk back.
  11. I hear we are all going to be paid in Groats.... Or goats one or the two.

    Turnips for the Toms.
    Lettice for the LCpls
    Cabbages for the Cpls
    Potatoes for the Sgts
  12. Thanks, Hackle. I find it interesting that we are already past all of those!

  13. I am certain I have read documents that state it will basically be the same as last year = 2.6%.
  14. Its probably being furiously debated within parliament along with their own pay rise.