Armed crim hunted by cops

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ex-Ten, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Jeez.... You whinge when kids DON'T get disciplined then you whinge when they do. Just can't win.
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  2. Kids 10th Birthday Party - Bloke gets turfed out and returns five hours later at approximately 2130

    Them 10 year olds know how to party don't they?
  3. "The armed man then ran out of the front door and drove off in a purple Ford Fiesta."

    Thug life.
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  4. I was round my mates house last weekend when all of a sudden the tranquillity was disturbed by some twat blaring out Whitney Houston's " I weeeel alwaaaays love youuuu" from the car.

    Even when the car had stopped the music didn't, so I looked outside and there was a 30 something black bloke in a crappy purple Nissan Micra sitting in the driver's seat waiting for the song to end. He then got out and resplendent with bling, his trousers drooped below his arse, proceeded to swagger like a gansta to the house two doors down. Apparently he is knobbing the 20+ stone, 50 year old chav minger who lives there when her two kids are away visiting their divorced/estranged father.

    Thug life indeed.
  5. Just gotta love South London life ^^
  6. I had a Gambian store detective work for me a few years back . He was ripped to **** and looked like walnuts stuffed in a condom. He didn't understand discreet or indeed the phrase blend into the background and used to turn up for work bejewelled in several large gold chains. In essence then he looked like he had stepped out of a 90s rap video. Also he was contemptuous of any arrest procedure and made more than one toerag burst into tears by shaking them and shouting at them.

    He was banging on about this bird he pulled back in Gambia and how he came to live over here. He described her as beautiful and sexy and I was looking forward to seeing this object of his desire.

    Few weeks later I bumped into him and some old fat white woman in town. She was at least late 50s and he was mid 30s then . Personally I couldn't have brought myself to shag it with a gun at my head .

    Those boys will do absolutely anything for a visa and fair play to them.
  7. All good reasons why I so rarely travel south of the river.

    Strictly speaking it isn't even London. It's Kent and Surrey. London is the county town of Middlesex, which is north of the Thames. :wink: