"Armed, camouflage wearing slaves" (Video)

Just came across this and it looks pretty recent so I thought I'd share. Some guy claiming to be ex-army shouting about how we are going to be shooting our own soon. We do it all for the banks and all the lads and lasses have died for nothing. I found it quite infuriating.
All the comments so far (bar mine and my one 'dislike' on the video) seem to support his views and I really can't work out why. Respect for the guy who just steps outside and let's him talk to himself for a bit before politely asking him to leave.
I wish I could give a better description, but here's the link.

YouTube - There is a Kinder Bus - 1pm Trafalgar Square - 26th March 2011
Sounds like a ******* septic
I expect a load of German tourists with their young families are going to be disappointed when they visit the Kinderbus tomorrow.


I'd be tempted to drop in myself, but I've got to learn about LOAC.

(Lethal Operations Against Civilians)?


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What coward. He went into that bus acting in a very insulting and provocative way safe in the knowledge that the guys on the bus would nor be in a position to respond.

If he was in the army we are well shot of him.

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British Revolution? Is this guy real? What a knob.

Does he honestly think the government is going to listen to the demonstration by a bunch of lefty types who are traditionally anti tory anyway? What a bunch of oxygen thieves.
I'll keep it brief:..............What a ****!
hes a twat simple as samebloke I posted a video of a few days ago where he claimed to be exarmy and was going to "deal" with police helis in his own noflyzone

great restraint shown by the guys on the bus

he is the "british" version of the westboro church
hes actully a canadian who lives in london, formerly working in banking now lives on the dole and other benefits as he refuses to be part of the machine
What a twat. The recruiters displayed unusual restraint in not cold-cocking this immature prat although they were probably itching to do so. You meet all kinds of throbbers when you're working the recruiting booth.
Well good luck to him if he feels like he can overthrow the country with a bout of hugging. What exactly are we supposed to be revolting against ?

Does he realise that if there was an uprsing he would be one of the poncy do gooders first to the wall?

Also he says hes not aiming it at them and not to take it personnaly, If thats the case shouldn't he be ranting at the politicians
Does he really believe there is going to be a British revolution and Parliament is going to be overthrown? La la land.
Yep along with apparently the ability to deny airspce over central london. Unless Unite are going to be smuggling in MANPAD's I can't realy see it being feasable

YouTube - The Metropolitan Police Must Lose Control of London (26th March 2011)

He also belives in
Hillary Clinton is a reptile ( Probably)

In other words he was due to be admitted to a secure mental facility a long time ago. Mind you his passport expires today so hopefully immigration will see sense and find an excuse to kick the ****** out preferably to libya so he can see how the poor downtrodden,, oppresed by the imperialistic west "brown" people of Gaddafis regime treat dissidents or anyone with an opinion.
I bloody love these protests. Where else could you see such a cavalcade of chuckle-provoking imbeciles? Dolies on unicycles 'juggling for revolution'; limousine liberals who think they're in Egypt; stinky students who will tell you the answers to the problems of the world. It's like a giant mong-dancing show, it's free and it makes a change on the news from Arabs shooting each other. And with a bit of luck a few of them will get a shoeing off the police, and grizzle about it for weeks.

Hats off to all involved.
According to Wikipedia;
It is an offence under the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 to publish or communicate a photograph of a constable (not including PCSOs), a member of the armed forces, or a member of the security services, which is of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. There is a defence of acting with a reasonable excuse, however the onus of proof is on the defence, under section 58A of the Terrorism Act 2000. A PCSO cited Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 to prevent a member of the public photographing them. Section 44 actually concerns stop and search powers.[8]

Send the cnut to Gitmo.

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