Armed Assult 2

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Uladh, May 29, 2009.

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  1. so Arma 2 has just being released in germany and soon to be released in the uk, anyone waiting on this game and what do you think form the videos and reviews coming out of germany.
  2. Wasent this out ages ago? but yeh its a great game and deffo worth getting mine did work but after a while.. i messed it up trying to put a british uniform on the troops.. so it dont work for me anymore keeps saying the data file is to short.
  3. Played around with Virtual Battlespace 2 at work the other week. It comes pre-loaded with all the UK kit you could want but remember IT'S NOT A GAME! ;-)
  4. Virtual battlespace 2...? Is that the one that the british army have recently released as Some sort of training?
    and you go round shooting targets round the houses? :p

    if it is then i did it in 7 mins with no misses. :D
  5. umm guys get with the times im talking about armed assult TWO not armed assult, it is not released in the uk for another week or 2
  6. :p Do you recon if Arma 1 worked on my pc then would arma 2 work on it aswell? and is their anything new in arma 2?
  7. Yep, that's the one.


    I say again, it's NOT a game........
  8. ArmA1 was patched last month resulting in a noticeable performance boost, so the omens are good.

    A 'beta' version of ArmA2 has been released in Germany to flush the worst bugs out of the system. The UK release on 19 June should include most of the patches between now and then.

    Seems the developers agree. Amongst the proper civilians (not the beach bums of ArmA1) there are ladies - at least one of whom is a hooker - but they can't be armed IIRC.
  9. Hi all

    Some people have already bought the German version, where it looks like it is being beta tested.

    There are some good home produced videos of ArmA II on youtube. Always prefer those to publishers trailers.

    Here is one to be going on with, do your self a favour and click the HD button bottom right of the video to watch it in Hi Definition and turn up the sound:

    ArmA II is due out in the UK on the 19th of June.

    Kind Regards walker
  10. Hi all

    On youtube richiespeedisback has posted some more battalion sized battles.

    Remember to do your self a favour and click the HD button bottom right of the video to watch it in Hi Definition and turn up the sound for each of these videos.

    The first is online battle in the day where he is playing the part of a sniper.

    The second is an Amazing 1500 AI battle fought at dawn and in the middle of a storm.

    No wonder the Real Virtuality engine has become the "De Facto" NATO simulation software.

    Kind Regards walker
  11. Hi all

    As well as entering at number 2 in the UK software charts on only 2 days of sales.

    There is now an ArmA II Demo out

    The game has been described on the BBC and Several Gaming sites as the most eagerly awaited game of the summer and there is talk of ArmA II taking the Game of the Year award like its Bohemia Interactive predecessor OFP.

    Kind regards walker