Armed assault on Baghdad ministry

Wonder what the insurgents wanted? 8O

Armed assault on Baghdad ministry
At least two Iraqi police officers have been killed and several wounded in a surprise attack by insurgents on the interior ministry building in Baghdad.
About 30 gunmen in 10 cars carried out the dawn raid using automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades.

Although Baghdad is a frequent scene of violence, attacks on heavily-guarded government buildings are very rare.

The attack lasted about 10 minutes, police said, and about five police officers were reported wounded.

The attackers withdrew after the short clash. It was not clear if there were any casualties on their side.

The bloodshed came as campaigning got under way for a referendum on a contentious new constitution for Iraq.
Must agree with you just what could it have been about ?
Full scale raid in daylight against a major ministry,more then meets the eye.
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