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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by wildcard.rgbw, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. What a top game! Need a beefy PC to run but it seems the be the next best thing to a modern war sim, more of an RPG with FPS elements... with over 70 weapons and 200 vehicles... also actually HAS the correct names for the weapons i.e calling the M4 with 203 and silencer the "M4 SOPMOD", and the M21 is now the "DMR"... looks great, like I said you'll need a beefy PC to run it.

    I'm using a Core 2 Quad 2.83, 8gb of RAM and a 896mb GTX 260.

    Heres a screen shot :D

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  2. It does look great, but I suspect my 5 year old Packard bell from pc world won't be running it anytime soon.

    Americas army 3 on the other hand...
  3. I've downloaded a digital copy (paid for), and hoping that it will run at the lowest settings on my unibody mac (2gz, 2gig ram, 528 meg onboard card (but using DDR3 ram)) when I have time to tinker about with it. If not, I'll probably go back to Op Flashpoint, and until I convince myself that I really do need to upgrade to a Macbook Pro for my career :)
  4. Bought it the other day and gutted to be having serious graphics glitches with it (some objects such as bushes, boxes and even houses dont come out properly, shape and outline is there but appear in a white/grey colour with no detail) ive emailed the support place and hoping for a response because this has the potential to ruin a good looking game.
  5. I would strongly go against using an onboard video card you'll be lucky to even get a playable frame rate, it also has some bugs to be kinked out (alot) but when it does it will shine, I don't mind saving and reloading because I'm well into it.

    Used to love AA but than got a hold of Battlefield 2 :)
  6. It sounds like the textures aren't loading quickly enough. Short of a mega-upgrade, the best thing you can do is spring clean the PC, update drivers, drop all the settings down then start to inch them up again; except for AA, AF & PP - leave them off for now. Here's a site that tries to explain the options.

    It's also worth having a poke around in the BIS Forums. You need to register to search, though.

    Good luck...
  7. Good points, it is a mega hungry game, hopefully performance fixes will be out soon enough, do love the game and everyone should give it a go, though mastering the controls will take you hours...
  8. Excellent stuff, they're you go! :D
  9. The demo is really polished, you get a mission acting as a rifleman in a small fireteam and you assault a village, your mates get wounded you can drag them to safety and patch them up or they die and you nick their M16 or M4, seem alot of continuity with weapons, you can get an M16 with a ACOG off your dead mate or an M4 off the section leader, quite gritty, i.e come under fire, get to cover, quite a good training aid I would think?
  10. Actually, it's playing surprisingly ok (there are also videos on youtube of the unibody macbook playing the latest GTA). Although it's an onboard card, it's using DDR3 Ram, so it's not as slow as the older onboard cards.
  11. Hi wildcard.rgbw

    The Engine is the Real Virtuality Engine. It is the same engine as is used for VBS2 which is used by the UK Army and the rest of NATO.

    So it already is a training aid in fact has become dubbed as the "De-Facto" simulator for NATO.

    Kind Regards walker
  12. Just picked up a copy today from Game, surprisingly for 24.99, the same price it is discounted from 35 notes online for. Surprising because Game nearly always set the retail prices at the top for PC games.

    Time to break out the old flight stick again and see if I can manage the whirly birds )
  13. The game is buggy to hell, praise to be to the game itself but it's going to need alot of work, die-hard fans only at this stage I would say
  14. well, been playing this for a couple of weeks now. just had great fun sneaking into a russian airbase at night on my belt buckle. went in twice, with 6 lots of explosive each time. took out his entire air force - SU-34, frogfoot, hinds, hokum, hip - plus 2 x T-90, a 2S6, three buildings and a fuel tanker. (plant your explosives between the helicopters to take out two with one blast).

    hung around outside camp in the woods till first light. set off all 12 bombs in one go, then charged in on my T-72 to cause mayhem. two other T-72s south of the airfield as cutoff in ambush positions - they took out 2 x T-90s and a couple of BMP-3s.

    great fun. was only disappointed that i was unable to steal one of the hokum or hinds to make my getaway - real lack of flying opportunities so far. i commandeered an Mi-17 transport, but it's not as much fun without weapons.

    i've just recovered a damaged T-90 from the battlefield and am limping back to my base with it. anyone know how to repair one? i can rearm and refuel - but repair?

    as many have said - buggy as hell, and the time acceleration doesn't work (4x is actually 1.15x real time - i timed it when waiting for daylight... painfully slow!)

    but incredible graphics, great fun charging around in a tank as the gunner.

    oh, anyone know why i can't build aircraft? i've got an aircraft hangar (two in fact) but when i go to build units, it says "no factory".

    oh and why can't i have NVGs once i'm helping out the rebels against the russians? fighting at night without night vision is fucking impossible...