Does anyone know which Armd Bde was based in Sennelager/Paderborn in the late 80s, prior to all the Options For Change redeployments/disbandments? I presume it was probably part of 4 Armd Div and seem to recall either 11 or 22 Armd Bdes.

What was the Bde TRF and can anyone give me a steer as to where I can get one from?

Many thanks



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15/19H deployed to Paderborn with 3 Armd Div in 77. I once read that we were part of 8 Field Force (I suspect 3 Armd Div REPLACED 8 Field Force) but we were 3 Armd Div Recce Regt. Our barracks also housed Task Force Echo HQ & Signals Troop (Task Force was an attempt to reduce the command and administrative tail of a Brigade).

Sometime in the very early 80s they gave up with the Task Force experiment and I seem to recall TFE HQ & Sig Sqn (it had grown from a troop) became 33 Armd Bde Signal Sqn.

But I could be wrong.


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Try sending a PM to GeordieHussar: we were there together: he is now LSL and back in Sennelager.
33 Armd Bde. Based in Alanbrooke Bks. Don't remember wearing a TRF at the time but the Bde symbol was a rather fearsome looking bull. The accoutrements of that Bde are now held by 20th Armoured Bde, based in Antwerp Bks Sennelager - you may get what you want by contacting the.
Twas 33 Armd Bde and the brigade badge was the bull of the old 11 Armd Div.

Arthur Denaro was the last Bde Commander and the first of the newly moved 20 Armd Bde.

Bde flashes were not worn then.

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