Armagh City Bombing in the 80s

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by 13thMan, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. Digging around but can't for the life of me find the correct date. I think the name was Scott Street. the whole street demolished, anyone have an idea of that date? I think circa 1984. Researching events.

  2. There is no scott street in Armagh if memory serves me correctly.
  3. Yep, hence the use of the term "I think" in the original posting. Could it be Short Street? I am not 100% but trying to corroborate a story by an 'associate'.

  4. There is a scotch street in Armagh, it is the main drag up from the area of the Police station into the town centre towards the COI cathedral.

    Do you have a bit more detail on the incident, as that area was always a bit of a hotspot and there has been more than one incident there.
  5. There's a Scotch Street but no recall of anything big there.
  6. Circa 1984 a huge blast that pretty much wrecked most of the street. I was in the vicinity as RB in Co. Down 83-85 and in TAOR at that time. Got someone working with mates who claims to have been there at the time and part of the cleanup. AFAIK cleanup was effected by RUC and UDR etc, not by BA Troops. My memory is not what it used to be so can't pinpoint date. Looked around the web but no reference. I saw the actual street quite soon after the deal as we were tabbing in from surrounding countryside.

  7. Do you remember was it an attack against a callsign or against infrastructure?
  8. So far all i can find in my wee stash of Info,

    Scotch street was destroyed on three occasions.

    the first and worst was in 1972 when an IED destroyed most of the facings on the street and required extensive demolition and rebuilding.

    The second was in 1979 when there was still significant damage however the council were not so quick to rebuild this time as the massive crater had uncovered a neolithic site. The recovered items are now part of the ecclesiastical heritage of the area.

    The third was in 1992 again huge ammount of bomb damage.

    All three attacks were most probably against infrastructure in the town, however they were all very close to the local british legion branch and a couple of bars which were frequented by Off Duties.

    There is also the coo of conducting an attack right under the nose of the front sanger in Newry Road Police Station in Armagh.

    I have another book (which i dont have here) which catalogue's all of the Armagh Battalions activities and incidents. There is a lot of info in that which you wont get elsewhere, ill have a look thrugh and see what i can find. But so far the closest attack to the dates you mentioned was in 1979.
  9. Definitely infrastructure. I know it was close to the access road from the Police station. I'll see if I can dig a street map up of the place but if you could find anything your little books that would be very helpful.

  10. Dont know if this will help you.

    There was a boming in Armagh City at approximately midnight on 31 December 1985. If I remember correctly at least one RUC officer was killed....must have been a pretty big device as we heard it in Middletown.
  11. No police officer was killed in Armagh city on 31 December 1985 although Con James McCandless and R/Con Michael Williams were killed by an IED in a litter bin in Portadown one minute into 1986. Both officers came from Portadown.
  12. Fark me I must be losin' it. Definitely Armagh, can't find hide nor hair of evidence on this. I'm now looking for the guys who were with me to see if they can put a date on it.

    Cheers for the input guys.
  13. Really, I`m sure there was......have a wee look see !
  14. The bins were cast iron and open with a gas key type device. On this occasion the bin had been forced open and couldnt be closed properly (this became a duty combat indicator for ever more).

    It was RC initiated, and PE. I dont think there was a huge ammount of explosive, but bearing in mind a couple of Kg of PE is quite big.

    The patrol was heading down to do the nightly barrier check.