Armageddon Box Contents

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by heard_it_all_before, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Given what’s gone on in Japan, the Middle East and North Africa, is now the time to start stockpiling….?

    Other than cans of beans, potato’s, chick peas, lager and some hard copies of some 70's porn, what’s would you include in your Secret Stash…?
  2. er,..............the book 2012
  3. Don't you just hate quitter's..
  4. No, you d have to use the book as if it was, lets say, a Lofty Wisemens "Extreme" survival guide (you ll have to read it this year though so you know whats coming)
  5. Beef Jerky and yet more porn though ideally something more up to date as bushy minge puts me off.
  6. I thought that it would be a good way to get acclimatized to a life without Gillette Razors… LOL
  7. Marmite and decent teabags! Even Armageddon can be improved with a nice cup of tea!
  8. And apart from that:

    1) 3000kgs of Old Holborn
    2) 35,000 packs of Rizla (Green)
    3) Laptop with 30TB external with Modern Porn on it
    4) 2 Pigs
    5) 2 Goats
    6) 1 Cow
    7) Noahs Ark (or equivilent)
    8 ) Wife n kids
    9) Bottle-opener
    10) Leatherman
    11) Home-brew kit (for beer, wine and stronger)
    12) CB Radio
    13) Pack of cards
    14) 3 Chickens
    15) 1 Goose
    16) 2 Turkeys
    17) Copy of "Animal Farm"
    18 ) KFS
    19) Generator
    20) 9 Milly
  9. Sniff,......... my Nana always used to comfort me with that saying, she d say "when everything is going to rat-shit, ave a cuppa" (or words to those effect)
  10. Good thinking I hadn't thought of that, well then a straightrazor and a strop to go with it :)
  11. 20) What? No SLR?
  12. A dinner jacket, a black tie, a crisp white shirt and a Beretta. Everything else will be forthcoming.
  13. No, you can barely pull the trigger when the barrels in your mouth, I ve got short arms. (this is intended for the later stages of Armageddon) but yes, the SLR would be helpful during the earlier stages.
  14. Condoms
    Sharp knife
    Black nasty

    With humanity's forensic labs out of commission, the world is once again my oyster.
  15. Maddie, who I would have to
    Remove from the s**d!