Armadillo Merino - Sock Group Review

Armadillo Merino - Sock Group Review


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COMPETITION: Watch the review below (there's a special treat at the end) and then go HERE for the competition!

Armadillo Merino - Sock Group Review - A look at a selection of Armadillo Merino socks - from light every day socks up to heavy duty socks

Folks, another look at another selection of some top notch Armadillo Merino gear.

This time we're doing a group review of several of their socks, perfect considering it's snowing and pretty damn chanking again.

There's a special treat waiting for you at the end of the video as well, and I can guarantee it's worth it if you like your Merino gear.

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I've had mine on all day, allegedly the coldest day so far down here (apart from a kip this afternoon before tonight's shift). Despite my boots being a bit tight thus restricting blood and air flow they worked better than my normal thermals as I stood around for an hour waiting for that damned Basset Hound to turn up from its detour.
Back on my plates now and looking forward to tonight's shift as a trial!
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