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It's hard to stay warm when you're cold. It's even harder to stay cold when you're warm.

You wake up and it's cold outside (Or you already are outside!) and so you make a judgement call on sticking on a base layer before you go out for your run / walk / hike / patrol. Perhaps with the first three options, it's not going to too big a problem if you decide to up the pace and want to pause and take off that base layer.

Certainly in the middle of Afghan with body armour, helmet, a patrol pack weighing over 40lbs and all the other kit strapped to you, it's something that's not really a feasible option.

It's a conundrum we've all faced from time to time and one that never gets any easier. Since the introduction of synthetic base layers we've been inundated with choices. Each manufacturer claims something different and unique about their blend of materials and man-made fibres which will give you the best wicking or insulation properties available.

The choice however has been made a lot easier with the increased awareness in the fact that hey, synthetic materials like to melt to human skin! We're talking about extremes of temperature such as being caught in an explosion or covered in flammable material and duly set on fire, but it's a poignant fact and one that there are far too many pictures available to show the aftermath of such incidents.

That's why Armadillo Merino, with their 100% Merino wool construct, are confident their products offers not just the best in wicking, but also the best in personal protection when it comes to volatile environments where there is a risk of the material being exposed to extreme heat or naked flame.

Looking at the Falcon long sleeve crew neck top, it's 100% Merino with a honeycomb rib knit which helps to both insulate and ventilate. The structure of the knit means that the individual honeycombs retain the heat close to the body whilst still maintaining a sweat wicking ability, ensuring that as you perspire, it doesn't build up between the body and the clothing but rather between the clothing and either the air or whatever is against it, be that a jacket or body armour.

The problem with wearing anything under something as solid as body armour is that it doesn't matter how good it claims to be in terms of wicking - it's just not going to work when you've got a hulking great Kevlar plate stuck tight up against it. What normally happens in this scenario is that...

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