Armadillo leaving Arrse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armadillo, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. Dillo has left arrse for those of you who loved me, thanks,

    those that havent get cancer and die,

    hope hols for heroes does well, Afghan Kandak you were my best foe, hate all the walts, civvies and ta cunts on here, but all the best to the Regulars serving, hope you are safe, in whatever you are doing,

  2. Eh, bye then.

    Fuck it, I'll bite. Why you leaving?
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  3. too many civvies on here gobbing off, too many wannaby SAS on here, too many fat wenches on Chat thinking they are the ARRSE mafiosa,

    though steven you is awesome
  4. Fuck em, if they're in chat they're not in the forums.

    All the best anyway mate.
  5. Did you bum Katy, she denies it
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  6. AARGH! It's a ghost!
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  7. MDN ghost to see me off am weeping with the honour
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  8. describe katys clopper, in fine detail, including where you blew your beans
  9. In the words of Cee Lo Green and Frost

    "FUCK YOU" and "Goodnight!"
  10. Why start a thread, why not just fuck off?
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  11. Bit did you bum Katy?
  12. bad enuff the civvies and gunt girls bullied you out without admitting it in public!
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  13. You gave me a lift to Oxford; that's it. Cheers and everything - but No. Just... no.
  14. he fudged your dumper en route, in your mouth and bottom and mouth again

  15. Is he a minger?
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