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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by spoomo, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. I just picked this up the other day, its pretty good though the AI can be a little iffy sometimes among other things; I was prone on a water tower as a sniper, aimed right a little and the movement of my guy made him fall off the tower!
  2. Disappointed with it. Not as good as Flashpoint and some of the missions are ridiculously hard. Have you tried the sabotage one, where you have to enter a camp and blow up tanks? You spend hours getting, in the frigging tanks move!
  3. theres another camp with a helicopter nearby get in that and make a few firing runs at the tank sit job done the online games arent bad though something for arrsers to look into after all it is the most realistic game out on the market
  4. Why do the baddies fall asleep on stag and pray to allah 5 times a day???
  5. cant get off training to do any missions!! haha
  6. The original is better, if you want a good, British Army based Flashpoint/Arma community try out:

    I gave up because I don't like ArmA, but its good all the same, its role playing by the way so act like a solja! :D
  7. There was a patch released for this last week, that claims to make a lot of AI improvements.

    As for flashpoint being better - just think how old flashpoint is, and how many patches it has had... this will just get better with patching.

    Also, according to the review I read, there was things in the editor that had not been utilised in the campaign, such as the enemy could be scripted to drag injured team mates out of the line of fire... so just think what the community will have done with this in six months or so!
  8. Oh I cant wait to see what people come up with!
  9. I heard somewhere somebody is working on an updated version of the OP Coldwar Campaign... now that would be worth downloading!
  10. Also the blokes that worked on UK addons for flashpoint are beavering away to get some more British kit into Armed Assault.

    Flashpoint was full of bugs when it first came out, they've already started patching Armed Assault... should be good when they've worked on it a bit more! :)
  11. There should be some good addons coming out. Modders have already begun working on British soldiers. I think some UK-US joint op user missions are in order

    edit: Older_by_the_day beat me to it.
  12. I think this Arrse should consider adopting this, rather than the Battlefield 2. I think this would be much more fun!
  13. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I find myself getting a leetle frustrated with this game! Silenced weapons seem a waste of time (headshot from hundred metres away, in the middle of the night. Baddies were facing opposite direction. As one they turned round and blasted the shite out of me with accurate fire. How the hell did they do that, no flash, no noise and i was in a bush???). They are incredible good shots with rpg's, hitting me from hidden positions 500 metres away. Heli flight is dodgey too....

    And how do i demolish a bridge in one of the early campaign missions?

    plus point though, machine guns seem well modelled. the M240 (GPMG) is a lot of fun, and watching a column of enemy charge a group of 4 50 cals, and a half dozen gimpys is quite entertaining...