ARMA 2 - Worth the buy?

Recently came across a few videos on youtube of a game called Arma 2, which includes a british forces expansion pack. Looks a fairly realistic fps and was just wondering if anyone here has purchased it and was it worth the buy? Seems to be a jacked up version of JCOVE.

Video of gameplay for those interested


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Jacked up version of JCOVE? The VBS2 software which JCOVE uses it's based on the first ArmA so I suppose you're not wrong.

Bear in mind that ArmA3 is due out this year and 2 is a good few years old now. It's worth a look if you like phenomenally difficult (due to massive realism) games that class more as military simulations than entertainment - hence VBS2. It's also worth getting so you can try out DayZ.

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If you get ARMA 2 Project Reality have made a mod of it that includes a crap load of British kit, including Jackal, Mastiff, Warrior etc. Free download once you have the base game.
Its one of the most realistic games you will ever play especially with all the amazing mods you can download. DayZ has caused a major stir recently if you like all the zombie survival stuff. The project reality stuff is amazing for player vs player. You can also join a clan such as 16 Air Assault where you can pretend to be a para and call people Hats. (Also very realistic squad based coop that i highly recommend.)
Mate if you havnt (and assume by comments you havnt) it's awesome, arms 2 and expansions are pretty old now but for someone new it's a step up from cod and bf3 from arcade to mil sim. I would, bought this series since flashpoint, some mods were making a Falklands campaign but never finished it..damn shame!


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Just make sure you shop around. It's almost permanently on offer on Steam since DayZ went mad so you should be able to get the base game and all expansions for pittance.

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Sounds worth the money then! On skiing ex at the minute (hard life eh?) so will have to get it when I get back the block. Cheers for the replies.
I can't recommend this game enough. It's leagues ahead of the Call of Duty and Battlefield series of games (perfectly fun in their own right) and the learning curve is steeper as a result but well worth investing one's time. If you do, you'll be guaranteed a rewarding and fun experience. There are some caveats, mainly that you need a decent machine to run it (processors tend to be the bottleneck in performance) and there's the slight hurdle of installing modifications if you're unfamiliar with ArmA and the A.I can be occasionally Lemming-like but otherwise a must-have for the PC. I think the ArmA community is unrivalled in terms of user content and support which gives rise to a healthy online population. It's that arena where the game really comes to life. There's plenty of co-op servers and missions that players do in addition to warfare (capture the island) modes and mods such as DayZ as already mentioned. ArmA 3 is due out this year but usually with the ArmA games the hardware needed to play the game optimally isn't available till about a year or so after release (generally speaking) and BI always have plenty of bugs on release. But the sheer scope and ambition of the ArmA games gives them a fair bit of leeway from players!

I own the Britih Armed Forces expansion and it's well worth it. The player character narration sounds like a rehearsal from a sixth form drama production but the missions are tense and well written. One thing though is you have the ArmA 2 base game along with the standalone Operation Arrowhead and Reinforcements expansions. You can combine A2 + OA for what's termed "Combined Operations". Essentially you have full content from both releases rather than limited or no content from the other if you were to have just one. There's also the RFT standalone as I mentioned which is basically 'OA lite'. I have it as it comes with the BAF and PMC DLCs but with CO installed rather than RFT (its disk has up-to-date patches though).

If you need a hand with installation order of the game and expansions just P.M me.

Don't forget to check the BI forums as people post their released and work-in-progress content:

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I wish my lappy could run this, I had all the flashpoints and loved them, even the crappy comms. "Oh no"
There's ArmA Firing Range which is for iOS and Android platforms but may work with a laptop?

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