Arma 2 - To be released on PS3 & 360

Many people think that it won't be for the PS3, AND ONLY Xbox360 and PC.

OFP is more or less the same thing though, and is for PC, PS3 and Xbox I think.


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Op Flash 2 will be dumbed down to fcuk, purely because it is a multi format release. The original was class and very realistic, but you needed a keyboard overlay to be able to coordinate Commands and what not. How the hell they will be able to apply that convincingly to 8/10 Xbox buttons is beyond me. Yet again, cynical cashing in rather than holding their hands up and saying 'this should be a PC only title'.
Official ArmA2 website here.

The main trailer is all in-game footage (though probably on a better PC than this). I believe the only exception is the scene with the flashbangs which is using custom animations for a cutscene (though it's still the game engine).

The campaign is reputed to be good but jewel in the crown is the editor - a 225km^2 sand table to play with.

For those that don't know the heritage, BIS own the technology from the original Operation Flashpoint, Codemasters only own the name. ArmA2 is a development of the OFP engine. Codemasters have had to build OFP:DR from scratch; not necessarily a bad thing but I won't be preordering OFP:DR like I will ArmA2.

PS. OFP/ArMA/ArmA2 are parallel developments of VBS2 which is used as a, er, fight sim.

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