Arma 2 (ARmed ASsault 2)

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Has anyone else actually played this? I thought this was a dream come true, an accurate MMORPG with an involving single player campaign in which you take on a US spec ops unit.
You can customize the individuals in the team down to their sidearm, you can request a helicopter to fly you around, its got virtually everything, you can even plan and execute assaults.
Its beautiful to look at, yes, you need a beasty computer but dualcore processors and half decent GPUs like the 8800 are pretty affordable to just about everyone.

It's meant to be the ultimate military simulation

After buying it ages ago and applying the updates, it's still unbelievably buggy, it crashes from all these ingame bugs which range from the game allowing you to order your Blackhawk to land just about anywhere, even in a dense treeline or the ocean, to the enemy AI which acts so retarded you would have thought that Army Cadets could be doing a better job (which I’m sure they would even on the consulting), I would really love my money back, has any one else found this with Arma 2 or any other games which should be named and shamed?


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It's an MMORPG? Since when?
The engine, graphics, etc., are brilliant, as are the scenarios. However, it needs the control system aof COD MW, then it would become actually playable.
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