Arm the police?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Higround, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. I know this discussion will have been done before but with the recent shooting of 2 police officers as you all remember and the poor copper that got stabbed I think that its about time that the police got more protection. I know that there are strong arguments for and against this measure but if someone came at you with a knife you wouldn't have to tackle them you'd just shoot them dead, job done. And if someone was shooting you at least you could shoot back rather than waiting for armed response to turn up.

    I think in the current climate police officers need something more to protect themselves becuase its only going to get worse

  2. At risk of splitting horrible legalistic hairs, under the definitions to be found in the 1968 firearms act (as amended), the police are already armed with firearms, and section 5 firearms at that.

    I am of course talking about CS/pepper spray...
  3. Not again :roll:
  4. You know what I mean, CS is no subsitute for a 9mm or .45
  5. The recent shooting of two police officers would probably occured even if the officers were armed. Unless SOPs are changed and all incidents are treated as worst possible cases, as they are in a lot of places in the US, by the time the scroat had done what he knew he was and the officers didn't, it would have been too late.

    The main problem is that even though there are stiff sentences given to people who attack the poice they are a) still not long enough, and b) useless because time in prison is seen as much too cushy as it is. Until these basdic facts are sorted, armed or not, it'll happen again.
  6. Arming the Police would require an enormous investment in ranges and training - to say nothing of the horrendous legal issues they'd soon be embroiled in. The average copper currently knows sweet foxtrot alpha about firearms - it would be the equivalent of putting Deepcut recruits on the streets with SA80. By the end of year one, you'd have crims shot 0; innocent civ pop shot c.100; police self-inflicted shot c.50. Studies in US have shown that, unless the policeman is prepared to shoot-to-kill without compunction, an armed felon (with nothing to lose) is very likely to come out top in a confrontation. Very hard to imagine that, if the two probationary girl PCs had been armed with token sidearms, the outcome would have been any different at all...

    In all seriousness, the current rate of shot coppers (which is actually very, very small - in fact less than in the 1930s, acording to at least one report) is probably the brutal but acceptable price of not having all-out carnage on the streets a la USA - very much like the NI cost in shot soldiers was probably the acceptable price of not having a Balkans-type meltdown in the province.
  7. When the issue of firearms comes up why do people always compare us to the US? The US is a seriously fuctup country when it comes to guns but what about all the other countries in the world that arm thier police forces (most of them). However I do agree with what you're saying it would cost a hell of a lot of money in actually purchasing the things then training all the officers in how to shoot, when to shoot and how to deal with shooting somone.

    Im just trying to picture this country in 10 years time and from where im standing if this country strays any more to the left weve got problems...
  8. Just look at the sh*te our soldiers suffer for shooting someone in an actual war zone - how on earth would the Police cope with Mr/Ms bobby gunning down civpop on a regular basis (especially when, looking at the armed crime statistics, they'd be gunning down members of certain ethnic minorities disproportionately often....)?
  9. the police are already armed in NI and have been for quite a while now. Not balkans melt down in sight just yet
  10. Different situation in NI.
  11. how exactly ??
  12. I used to live near the Met Police college in Colindale, and would regularly meet cadets wandering around during their free time.
    I wouldn't trust most of them with a wet fish, let alone a firearm...
  13. Colindale?? I thought the Met Police College was in Hendon?
  14. The cost would be in the redundancy payments for those police officers not considered suitable to carry a weapon. There would then be a massive shortage of police on the streets whilst the rcruiting plan kicked in. Also a complete change of attitude in policing would be required from the present "Politically Correct" method (not offending anyone) to actual policing (catching criminals).
  15. I read somewhere that the Met has already purchased enough GLOCK 17 9mm handguns to outfit all their officers, they are only waiting for the go-ahead from the powers that be.