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Arm Patches/Insignia

Looking for information on two sleeve patches I have. Can't find them on the internet anywhere.

One is a rectangular patch. It has a dark green background and a horizontal orange stripe across the middle.

The other is a square patch. It has a bark blue background and has what looks like a white grenade in the top left hand corner and three stripes in the bottom right hand corner.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks :D


Kit Reviewer
The first sounds like the old DandD TRF, the second may be the 'w@nking fist' TRF of 20 Armd Bde.

edit for mixing up my divs & bdes
First one is D and D. The second one sounds like it is the 'Mailed Fist' of 20 Armd Bde. If you post a picture/link you will get a definite answer


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