Arlington cemetery scandal

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. The IG report (copy here) makes for really depressing reading - it looks like ANC has been an almost textbook failing organisation for some time, with a whiff of corruption to boot. Very, very sad and must be heartbreaking for relatives of some deceased.

  2. Great Quotes

    "What the F*** have they done to my rose garden" Mrs Robert E Lee 1865
  3. Very sad - where is the dignity?
    For some reason, it reminds me of the story of using the coffins of deceased US servicemen to smuggle narcotics out of Vietnam.
  4. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Perhaps a little less effort on the "Old Guard" strutting around doing bizarre drill movements, and a little more effort on decent administration?

    The Commonwealth War Graves Commission seems to have coped admirably with a global collection of cemeteries for nearly a century. And from experience you don't have to pay to park at them either, unlike Arlington :x

    The relatives of the fallen should rightly be disgusted by this atrocious failure.

  5. I think though we need to separate the military side of Arlington from the civilian where the real problems seem to reside. the administration of the cemetery , as at all national cemeteries is by civilians--the military are only the residents there and those performing the burials etc.
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Fair call, buddy.

    However, if the Civil admin isn't doing the business, perhaps the Military should take over [at least at Arlington]. After all, The National Cemetery is mainly for the Military [I know, and some others]. At least that way the people running things would have some deep-inside understanding of what the place is really about, instead of being just part of another Government pen-pushing exercise. With cardex records? FFS!
  7. All this underscores my point that I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would think the civilian federal bureaucracy can fix anything--especially anything really complicated like an entire health care system for example. The only thing that works even reasonably well (and that takes a LOT of leadership to keep it that way) in government is military and security services (police and fire).
  8. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Having just survived 3 weeks in your fine country [VA] without a power outage, hurricane, mass murder, flood or anthrax I know what you mean!!

    I travel sufficiently often to even know where the major potholes are in the street!! :D
  9. I hope you found our fair land otherwise enjoyable.
  10. JJH Quite right, on the civvy side of the Army and a bit of a disgrace. IIRC most National Cemeteries are run by the VA and the Army only runs Arlington and one other.

    Blue: I go there any time I am in DC to visit the father of a good friend. I always take the Metro but I understand that the fee for parking came from the proximity to the Metro stop. Commuters were using it as a cheap place to park and get on the Metro leaving no room for cemetery visitors. That is why it is $1.75 for first three hours but $3.50 per hour after that.

    It is disturbing though. At a funeral we say "May he rest in peace" not May he rest in peace unless the cemetery screws it up in which case we will dig him up and shuttle him around to some other place which we hope is right..."
  11. Disgraceful and a disrespectful way to treat fallen comrades.