arktis waterproof smock

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chris_2oo6, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. just bought myself one of these.. pricey, but supposed to be good

    anyone ever used one??? plus sides/bad sides???

    only thing i'm not happy with is you cant roll the hood up??? theres no loop just a bit of velcro
  2. Should have asked before you bought it lol
  3. ha

    i didnt plan on buying it

    was xmas shopping today .. only popped into a certain shop to get some cats eyes and ended up spending a fortune

    the amount of airsoft walts in there though made my blood boil
  4. the good - jackets are 101% waterproof , best made ive ever bought enough pockets/storage but not too many whistles and bells . excellent after sale care , repairs done in double qiuck time (and all mine have been free!) .well thought out/designed jacket.
    if you go to the factory you can buy them at a 'better' price than the numerous agents (although they dont advertise the fact they do off sales) - only downside is the four front pockets are obviously sewn on so do not have tape on them like the main body of the jacket , in proper welsh horizontal rain the pockets do leak.
    would deffinitely recommend to anyone.
  5. There is another way of looking at this problem. A pal of mine calls it the "bath tub effect"
    When an item first appears, it costs stupid money but as more people buy it, it comes down, OK?
    So all these silly people are in actual fact helping to force the price down because it becoming more economic to produce the said item.

    They're still Walts though :D
  6. theyre still cnuts
  7. Last time I walked into a surplus store, there were these 5 walts fighting over who was gonna be buying the one S10 ressie the store had. Couldn't help but give a snigger, and the shopkeeper started giving me these funny looks, so I quickly paid and left! Tis a funny ol' world we live in