Arktis Waterproof Smock

I am looking at buying a arktis 1015 waterproof smock. Has anyone got one and if so would you recommend getting. Also becasue the wterproof linear is the jacket does it get to hot to wear on exercise or is quite breathable. Thanks.

i recently bought the arktis windproof smock which is vertually the same cracking smock, half the price of the waterproof one still got a pertex lining etc which is good bought it from

they are quite helpfull think i spoke to a guy there called Jason, they do get a bit warm when your running round in them but well worth the investment i think, i was going to buy the waterproof one but stumped for the windproof one in the end couldnt be bothered to pay £160 for a jacket i will probably get holes in etc
Thanks I think I may just opt for the windproof hardly worth investing the waterproof when the issue gore-tex is good enough.
Have a look at the SASS Force 8 Smock, as good, if not better then the Arktis one! (I should know I used to work for Arktis.......) But the Arktis Waterproof is a very good bit of kit! In black its the same smock that the Police Firearms Teams use.

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