Arktis Waterproof Smock , Avenger suit n Mittens

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by BLACK_MOUNTAIN_ELVIS, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Selling an Arktis 1015 Waterproof smock . Bought it as a bit of Gucci kit and has never been worn outside of a car park . Linky to full blurb

    Absolutely top condition - no rips/tears/buttons missing etc etc .Taped seams/lining in superb condition. 2 small marks - 1 on hood and one on left tit above pocket . Mrs BME put it on my tool box so has two oilly type stains but hardly noticeable after i gave her a nail brush and soap powder to clean it :lol:

    This is in Swedish/Scan Cam NOT DPM!!! bit like this

    These retail for the £200+ mark , selling for £100 including postage.

    Complete Avenger suit

    - is the Full Black version(not the grey civie version) with Epaulette Sliders , breast pockets , side zips for access to belt kit/side arm etc.More pockets than you can shake a stick at. Zip in fleece . Hardly worn as i spend 99.9% of my time now driving a desk so in excellent condition (jacket anyway!)!
    Trousers are fully lined , side zips most of way to the knee , side pockets . they do have to holes on the lower leg where i melted them on an exhaust - has damaged goretex type outer , not the liner.Arktis have excellent customer services so can patch them at minimal cost. You can buy the 'POLICE' and 'CID' reflective tapes to go on it direct from ARKTIS . I have a pair (somewhere in a drawer!) and will include them (1) if i find them (2) Will have to be posted to a station address with the recipients name/rank/number on parcel for obvious reasons!

    £125 inc postage (think it retails at £235+vat!!!!)

    Also selling a pair of Arktis 1126 Mittens open palm

    Shells are in excellent condition , velcro not fecked etc. Inners have been washed a couple of times so pile hasnt got that 'fluffy as new' look to it :oops:

    retail at £45 ish - Only want £20 inc postage

    Have not got them for sale elsewhere but will list on ebay in a few days if no interest.

    Cheers BME
  2. What size is the waterproof sweedish cam smock ?
  3. sorry , top chodder me - missed the obvious! its a Large which is 44-46 in the catalogue . Im a 42 and can wear it with a thin layer underneath and its not too tent like , can also wear a buffalo shirt under it if needs be and not feel like im in a coffin (just) 8O