arktis tundra DPM

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 1906johns, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. right....been looking for gear in this pattern for ages and i can't find any....just that its used by some french mountain recce bde.....anybody know where exactly i can pick some of this gucci gear up ??

  2. Very gucci, modelled here by some FAMAS-wielding ninjas
    If its an Arktis smock and trews won't it just be cotton though, and end up soaked as soon as you get on your beltbuckle?
  3. double post!
  4. A shop in Paris called "Overlord" (the owner is fluent in English) used to have some a few years ago; he's been the first Arktis dealer in France in the early 90s so he's got good connections with the company.
  5. The Overlord shop has received a batch of Tundra camo smock last week if you are still interested...
  6. Any chance of a direct link please?

    Talking slowly and loudly is no good on the internet. :)
  7. Just call Frederic at this number:

    00 33 1 43 55 21 19 and order with your Visa card and bob's your uncle.

    Don't worry, Fred speaks english, is very serious, having provided tons of kit to the FRA armed forces for years and very anglophile; he'll be chuffed to bits to send a parcel to the UK !

  8. Fred is a good bloke, i have used him a few times.
    Une bonne gamme de produits en stock à de bons prix
  9. i have used this store a few times too. a great man and funny too :)